Cleaning And Digitalization – The interconnection

With the advent of global digitalization, virtually every human activity has been made easy and technological-driven. Anyone can get anything done with just a call or a message on social media platforms to an expert in the field of their needed service.

Cleaning is not an exception to this as it is now easy to book a cleaning agency, purchase cleaning materials such as vacuum cleaners on e-commerce stores like Amazon, and get recommendations and tips on types of cleaning materials you should purchase on websites such as Technology is truly a blessing to mankind.

Yet, this should not stop us from trying to get some minor cleaning activities such as laundry and washing of dishes done ourselves. Nevertheless, if you think you cannot do this yourself you can get your dirty clothes to a dry-cleaner or better still purchase a washing machine. You can also get a dishwasher to take care of your dirty dishes. However, you should have a good understanding of how these machines work to be able to use them the right way and to avoid damaging your properties.

The use of brooms is also getting outdated as many people are already adopting the use of vacuum cleaners although, in many developing and underdeveloped countries, the usage of brooms for cleaning seems ubiquitous. Blowers have also been made available for people to tidy up their exteriors as these machines are capable of using air pressure to move debris and leaves together before we transport them to the bin or use them as compost.

It is not only the methods of cleaning that have been digitalized, even the way cleaning services are hired and rendered have been changed. Many cleaning agencies now have websites and social media pages where their customers can easily contact them and book their services. Interestingly, you can also lounge complaints on any dissatisfaction observed during the work or after the work have been completed. You are assured of an effective response because the same way social media can be used to promote sales and build reputations, they can also be utilized as a destructive tool.

Another aspect of cleaning that has been affected in the process of obtaining tips and advice on cleaning processes. There are numerous free tips shared by websites in form of articles and videos on sites like YouTube. You can also get an answer to your questions using Search Engine or with the aid of Quora and other forum websites. Facebook and Instagram can also be used to connect with experts easily in case of clarification and hiring of their services. People also share their experiences on these platforms so that others can learn from them.

Vividly, you can see that all aspects of cleaning have been transformed by the introduction of modern technology especially the internet and social media platforms. There is no excuse to be unable to get your cleaning done anymore except for your bad habits and ineffective utilization of the internet.