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How to clean the plate of a wood fireplace

The plate cast iron of a wood fireplace needs to be regularly cleaned after each use which led moisture or dirt to the plate. It is good practice to clean the plate when it is still warm, in so doing all the moisture disappears by evaporation, and do not create rust stains. Must be avoided cleaning with water, with the kitchen cold. Moreover, it is essential to make sure that the cuts of expansion and the shape between the plate and the chassis can not be obstructed in any way, dirt or residues of other processing, otherwise the plate may be deformed also permanently. The plates are all treated with oil (not acid) anti corrosion. With daily use is gradually eliminated and, consequently, after prolonged contact with water, may appear small rusty spots. In this case, simply wipe with a cloth soaked in oil is not acid. This quick and easy guide will explain, as clearly and comprehensively as possible, how to properly clean the plate of a wood fireplace.

wood fireplace

Very important before you start, wait as long as the fire is completely extinguished. Take a few sheets of paper towel , that of kitchen rolls, and pass it over the plate vigorously. This first step removes dust and debris more superficial. Subsequently procured a scraper, and pour a little ‘cream for cleaning that was given to you at the time to purchase and start passing it on the plate.

Rub well in dirty areas, such as where the oil has fallen, and not be in a hurry. Cleanse a piece of plate at a time, always with the sponge and a knob of cream. When you spread the cream over the entire surface of the plate, rinse the sponge under water and let it dry. Now take a few sheets of paper towel and remove, without water, all traces of cream from the plate. If you clean well the residues will be reddish and the plate will return black-gray.

Take then the oil and versane few drops on the blotter. Skip the paper plate, polish and well and on the edges, remembering that they are more delicate as they are made ​​from a different material than the other. dries the oil with absorbent paper and wait a few minutes for everything to dry completely. When you turn on the stove after cleaning, it may occur that the pilot releases of smoking: in this case, open the windows and wait exhaust residues still present .