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How to clean a chimney

Like it or not, the cold season is coming. Still have not even started the fall, but it is also true that it is falling and, in less than the blink of an eye, and have the cold in the room. For this reason, it is time to clean your chimney. Commercial chimney cleaning Phoenix especially should you be running a work from home business or home place of work. Keep in mind you need to select a chimney specialist carefully when you surely don’t need to waste money.


However much you deny it, the hot season is coming to an end . Autumn is just around the corner and you know that then, as always, will be the turn of winter. With it comes the cold and also time to light the fireplace to provide some natural warmth to your home. So far so good, except when it comes time to clean. Are you worried face that tide of soot which may become your home? Well then, no other than face it. It is always very important that the fireplace is very clean and there are no traces of dangerous elements, which may trigger fire in your home or filling with smoke. For this reason, these tricks to clean it shall come to thee wonders ahead of the winter season.

clean a chimney

Here are some tips you can follow to clean your chimney:

  • Thoroughly clean, look with a flashlight or an object that allows you to enlighten the interior of the chimney pipe.Remove with a knife or sharp object any residual soot (creosote) or anything that could even cause fire once you turn the fire.
  • Check that no bird has made ​​a nest, nor any other animal is using your fireplace as housing.This can make it up to the roof and checking that no settlement. If you find something, you can delete it.
  • If you need a good cleaning on the inside, it’s time to take action.‘ll have to get a special brush that passes through the inside of the pipe chimney and enough sticks or pipes to mount. Look how tall and ten list tool, long enough so you can clean the entire surface smooth.
  • It is very important that the brush is the width of your chimney pipe.Otherwise, all the walls thereof shall not be thoroughly cleaned. And they are clean is the first attempt to get in action, right?



  • Now you leave the house will be playing the greatest possible order.Clear the area of objects that can not become dirty, use the tattered clothes you have, cover your head, your eyes and your face. Obviously, wait for a moment of dirt come, but dirt needed for the fireplace then pull the best. Also cover all your cabinets that do not want to get dirty: the soot is fatal.
  • A cleaning has been said.It starts from above or from below as best fits you with cleaning the chimney, using the device with brush length that can cover all the way leading from start to finish. Carefully remove all the soot and then verified with a flashlight that have not been vestiges of danger.
  • Now, clean the house and start a fire.Removes soot remaining in the environment and then collects wood to make the first fire. That will be the best way to verify that the chimney has been properly, as it will not smoke in the house or have sparks inside, nothing quite like it.
  • Very important:Do not forget to any verification and cleaning before the season start. For this reason, right in the autumn before the first frosts, it is the right time to do so.