Christmas Decorating Ideas

Tired of your usual Christmas decorations? Yes, you got your Christmas tree by the corner, a wreath on the front door, socks on the fireplace mantel and some garlands all over the place, but are you using the same Christmas décor over and over again every year? You need to spruce up your decorating game with some easy, yet show-stopping DIY ideas.

Showcase your holiday cards on a wall-mounted Christmas “tree.”

If you happen to receive a lot of pretty holiday cards that you only get to keep in a box, try to display them this year on a space-saving, alternative Christmas tree. It’s also a great way to show you appreciate your friends’ and family’s simple gifts.


  1. Get a 4×8-foot sheet of luan wood, latex paint, 1/2 inch paddle bit, metallic push pins, colored craft string, a Christmas ball, battery-operated LED twinkle lights, picture nail, hammer, drill, glue gun, chalk, scissors, and silver duct tape.
  2. Cut the luan into a triangle. You may have it cut in the home improvement store where you bought it, but if you have moderate DIY skills, you can cut it yourself with a jigsaw.
  3. Using chalk, mark a small hole 3 inches from the top center of the triangular luan. Attach ¼ inch paddle bit to the drill. Then, place the luan against the wall where you want to put it (you need a helper for this). Drill a hole to the wall through the luan.
  4. Paint the front side of the luan with paint. If you want a washed look, combine two parts water with one part paint and apply the mixture with a rag, following the direction of the grain. Let dry.
  5. Attach metallic push pins on the sides of the triangle. Hammer them 4 inches apart.
  6. Starting from the top, wrap the colored craft string around each push pins, criss-cross style. Continue until you reach the bottom. Cut the excess string. This will be used to hold the holiday cards in place.
  7. On the back side of the tree display, attach two strands of battery-operated LED twinkle lights around the perimeter. Secure it in place with silver duct tape.
  8. Place the tree display on the wall by nailing it into the wall through the drilled hole. Glue gun the Christmas ball on top of the triangle as a tree topper.
  9. Place the cards to the tree display by opening them and hanging the folds on the string.

Embellish your chandelier.

Don’t miss out on adding extra holiday cheer to your light fixtures. If you have a grand chandelier with arms, let Christmas ornaments drape from it.


  1. Get some burlap ribbons, evergreen branches, glass Christmas balls, faux starfish and twine.
  2. Weave the branches through the chandelier arms. Make sure it’s far from the bulbs so you can be safe.
  3. Creatively and loosely wrap burlap ribbons on the greens.
  4. Tuck in some starfish in between ribbons. Wrap it with twine to secure.
  5. Tie the loose branches with twine to keep it in place.
  6. Hang Christmas balls from the lengths of twine to add a little sparkle.

Make a boxwood wreath for your mantle.

Instead of your regular, circular wreaths, why not make a boxed and framed version of it? Make this one made of preserved boxwood branches and have your wreath preserved to keep it evergreen throughout the holidays and beyond.


  1. Gather a 10” grapevine wreath form, preserved boxwood branches, a wooden picture frame, florist wire, wire cutters, cutter, ribbon, a big needle, and a gold “Merry Christmas” tree ornament.
  2. Using wire cutters, clip sprigs around 2-4 inches long from preserved boxwood branches. Carefully trim the branches one at a time.
  3. Cut an 8-inch length of florist wire. Gather 5 sprigs you cut earlier and wrap the bottom of it three times using the florist wire. Twist the wire ends together thrice. Repeat the step with all trimmed sprigs.
  4. Attach the bunches of sprigs to the wreath form by wrapping around the entire form or by weaving through the grapevine branches. Tie a bunch on the inside, another one in the center and another on the outside. Repeat it with the next row and allow bunches to overlap so it would look lusher. Continue until the front side of the wreath is fully covered.
  5. Even out the shapes of the sprigs and fill any holes by wedging the branches into the grapevine sticks if necessary.
  6. Now, it’s time to place the leafy wreath into the frame. Get the frame and remove the glass (you won’t need it). Attach the wreath into the back of the frame by making four couples of holes on the back, one on every direction: north, south, east and west. Carefully use the cutter to mark four couples of small vertical lines to make small holes.
  7. Insert the florist wire through a big needle. From the back of one of your holes in the frame, run it through the thick of the wreath form (or just a bunch of the branches) and then out into the other nearby hole. Twist the wire ends together on the back thrice. Repeat it until you have secured the wreath on to the back of the frame on the four sides.
  8. Embellish with the “Merry Christmas” ornament from Polar X on the center of the wreath, and add a ribbon on top of the frame. Lean your creation above the mantle wall.

Display your poinsettia into a candy cane vase.

Put some simple things to good use and the usual Christmas items to a unique display. If you like decorating your home with the bright red poinsettia flowers, do it with style (and added sweetness).


  1. Get a tall, cylindrical can or an old vase of the said shape; a tall faux candy canes; poinsettia flowers (real or artificial); glue gun and hot glue; and a red ribbon.
  2. Using glue gun, stick the candy canes to the can. Line them up, with the curved area on top and pointing away from the can. Use as much candy cane you need to cover up the whole can or vase.
  3. Tie the body of your vase with a red ribbon.
  4. Fill the vase with poinsettias and display wherever you wanted.

Make a centerpiece with cranberries and candles.

If you’re hosting a Christmas Eve dinner party, go on and make it special. And because you have already put a lot of effort into the food, gifts, and decorations, create just a simple yet stunning centerpiece that will complete your celebrations.


  1. Get a bunch of cranberries; a rectangular tray; small votive candles in colors red, green and cream; sanding sugar; and small bunches of pine cone leaves.
  2. Line up the votive candles (in alternating colors) on the rectangular tray.
  3. Fill up the empty spaces of the tray with fresh cranberries and sprinkle some sanding sugar.
  4. Add touches of greenery by inserting pine cone leaves.
  5. Place it on the center of the table and light up the candles for a festive and romantic mood.
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