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Choosing the Type of Handles for Kitchen Cabinets

Whether your doing a major kitchen remodel or just wanting to freshen up your kitchen look, the handles on your cabinets will always stand out.  As with all things in the kitchen there are a ton of options, styles and materials to choose from for your cabinet knobs and pulls.

Designing a kitchen is not easy. You will have to choose materials and colors, coatings, accessories even the handles for the cabinets. Although you may have a good design expert to help you the choices can be overwhelming.

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The key is to understand is there are several basic types of handle hardware for your cabinet.  Determining the style and type you like and your cabinets can support will help you to narrow down your choices..

Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs are the most basic and fundamental form of cabinet hardware you will find in any kitchen. Typically a knob is attached to front of the door or drawer with a single screw.  You can find knobs made from a range of materials including brass, zing, plastic, stainless steel and even bronze.  You can even go with more exotic options such as crystal, marble, gold plated and more.

Cabinet Pulls and Handles

Cabinet pulls and handles unlike the single screw knobs attach to the door or drawer with two screws or more.  Pulls and handles are going to in general be a bit wider and more pronounced on the cabinet because of their size.  As with knobs you have many options for materials and styles to choose from at nearly any price point.

Cup and Bin Pulls

For cabinet drawers you have likely seen cup handles which are specifically made for use on drawers. You might also hear them referred to as bin pulls or  ‘half-moon pulls’ because of their moon shape. They are appealing to the eye but the key thing to keep in mind is that you have one way to open the drawer – by pulling on the bottom of the pull versus simply grabbing it top or bottom.  Its probably not too big a deal but something to keep in mind.

Cabinet Latches

A cupboard latch is a type of hardware item installed on the outside of a cabinet. On one side there is a hardware that that turns to “latch” or grasp onto another piece of hardware on the outside of the cabinet.   When the latch is turned it will fit into the receiving hardware and keep the door closed.

Cabinet Catches

Cabinet catches are hardware that holds the cabinet closed from the inside.   This is done through various methods including magnets, clips and other types of hardware to clasp the door to the cabinet and keep it closed.  The type of catch can determine how hard or easy the door is to open.  A stronger catch can make the door require a little stronger pull to open / close but also may seal it tighter.

Now that you know the fundamentals of the different hardware options for cabinets you can move on to picking the style and material that will be the right fit for your kitchen.  Happy decorating!