Choosing the Right Wholesale Bottle Company or Supplier

Wen traditional offline marketing is gradually moving to online, finding reliable and quality manufacturer becomes harder. But you have more choices. This means you need to know what kind of supplier is trustworthy and long termed and how to tell. In water bottle manufacturing industry, usually distributors order in bulk of wholesale glass or plastic bottles or reusable water bottles (stainless steel water bottles for instance) to save a lot of money if the volume is large enough. Volume discounts are only available by most powerful suppliers or manufacturers. Water bottle manufacturers like Everich who work with Starbucks and Walmart can even offer some additional discounts to preferred customers, usually big order buyers.

However, when evaluating the possible wholesale water bottle companies, it can be quite tricky as paying a visit to a physical location is likely not going to happen. Nowadays manufacturers like Everich who has their own factory and designing teams are very rare. So when you are choosing your supplier, one thing you need to bear in mind is their experience in water bottle manufacturing industry and who they are working with. Usually a good partnership with big brands prove their ability and quality. So here we would like to give some tips for you when you are choosing your supplier. You can also check out pet plastic bottle manufacturers for more great options.

First, browse the suppliers’ websites. This approach is often the key thing to determine the quality of a prospective supplier. If the website is not very comfortable to you, say the words or design are not professional, then this may indicate something. And then you can go to whois and cross check it with the information provided on that website to see if they have true information. Also ask around, and type these kind of manufacturers’ names into google, and see if there are some news or third party websites talking about them. If so, this shows their websites are at least trustworthy in other resources. And here are some other questions you can ask a potential supplier. Though many of them can be found on their websites.

How long has the bottle company been in business?

Do they have a professional website?

Are their prices competitive?

Are they the manufacturer of the bottles?

Do they carry their inventory in house?

Where are they located?

What are the shipping costs?

How fast is their delivery?

What is their return policy?

Do they offer sample bottles?

Check with BBB, Bizrate, etc?

Look for reviews on 3rd party sites?

Word of mouth suggestions from others in the same field?

Nowadays digital marking has made companies become more transparent and many product information can be accessed online, even for the competitive volume pricing and well defined shipping and return policy. 

Secondly, ask for a sample order. Even you cannot access to their physical place, it is often understandable to ask for some samples before placing a large order. This is relatively inexpensive and are beneficial to both sides. 

Generally, the experience of your manufacturer of water bottle should be the important element when you are choosing one. They should be professional in the manufacture and have competitive pricing. Quality, however, is the last thing but not the least to consider, but in todays digital market, action speaks louder than words, you have to see their techniques of production and factory size and company reputation to determine what kinds of quality they can provide. After all no one manufacturer would say their quality is bad. So just measure according to the above mentioned steps and see if you are stratified with what you want. Then place an order and start your business.