Choosing the right style to decorate

We have no age limit when decorating. By the program they have passed all kinds of people of styles , tastes and ages different from those that have been offered different alternatives how are you: Lets talk about Choosing the right style to decorate.

Urbanity Bedroom

For young hip-opera we opted for an urban style. A style in which predominates the metal, these colors on walls, furniture and bedding. A refreshing image serves as a headboard. The old armchair leaves room for a bolder and modern furnishings such as fuchsia or is this comfortable swivel chair. In it the protagonist can enjoy your new bedroom from every angle.


Personalized, original bedroom

He defined his old bedroom a young love model of the world of aesthetics. A good rest is associated with a good bed and is as big an original headboard made ​​by ourselves deserved. In this small room, we dared to stop a symphony that cut the legs to get the hole where it had originally only tiny shelves.

Unique, cool, spring-bedroom

With the combination of simple elements got incredible changes as the spring decoration flourish in a bedroom where time had stopped altogether. Elegant, unique and original was the headboard we manufacture ourselves from a simple wooden planks of pine. Along with picture of tulips, we created the concept garden. A garden in which, even providing limited space, do not give the color.

Charming and romantic bedroom

Nothing more and nothing less than 40 years with the same decoration! That was the old room of the super grandmother Goteborg walls, simple furniture and a broken lamp. And so it is now: a new dormitory that will provide a romantic style. Replace old furniture pickled white pieces and opted for soft hues and floral motifs for accessories and bedding. A warm bedroom for an endearing woman.

Bedroom pure retro style

fashions say retro is back and booming. We design recapture the past for this bedroom. The diversity of materials is absolute: plastic, acrylic fabrics, ceramics and wood blend perfectly. A style of contrasts daring and fun suitable for all pockets thanks to the recovery of parts.