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How to choose the style of curtains for the bedroom

Choose the curtains suitable for your bedroom is an important part of the whole decoration and will have a major impact on the feeling you have your room. You can choose from a variety of colors, materials and styles. Although you base on your personal taste when choosing curtains , you should consider a few practical considerations. You are the weather, the color scheme and lighting of the bedroom.

choose the style of curtains


Curtains Basics

Write your budget for curtains . The amount you are willing to spend will dictate the style as this will give or not (depending on your budget) the opportunity to purchase more expensive styles.

Buy curtains that fit your color scheme. If your room is mostly bright colors, do not want curtains dark opaque and vice versa.

Choose curtains that will provide an adequate amount of insulation depending on your needs. If you live in a warm climate area, you will be fine with curtains light, whereas if you live in a cold area, you’re better off with curtains heavy and dark.

Buy curtains that fit your lighting scheme. For example, if you have a TV in line with the window , you’ll want shades darker to block the sun and prevent glare. If you want a bright room, you will want to choose colors that let through the sun.

Pick a style of curtains that suits your entire design scheme. Choose curtains pleated for a more formal look, because the rod will look when the curtains are hung pleated, you must purchase a decorative rod. The curtains with clip are less formal and give the room a modern look. Also require a decorative rod. If you do not want the rod to see, choose curtains with rod pocket. Depending on the color, material and embellishments these curtains can be casual or formal.