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How to choose the fabric curtains

How to choose the fabric curtains. The material of the curtains should match the decor as well as having the necessary characteristics for treatment window style such as draping, ruffles and pleats. Below is a guide to choosing among the most popular fabric curtains.

Choose cotton if looking for strength, ease of care and a wide range of models , weights and shapes. Moreover, this type of fabric wrinkles easily and can shrink or stretch. Another weakness is that it can spoil when exposed to sunlight.

choose the fabric curtains


Choose linen for its strength but keep in mind that it is elastic and stretches easily. It is also expensive, rigid and difficult to deal with when you stain.
Avoid using silk unless you’re aware of the sacrifice of using this bright and luxurious fabric as damaged with the sun (breaks the tissue), stained with water and expensive.

Artificial silk consider if you need a fabric that has a good fall, but keep in mind that require special care because it folds easily and tends to shrink and stretch unless properly concerned to avoid these problems.

Find mixes acrylic villages, which can provide attractive woolly texture. Acrylics tend to frisarse but should not be a problem because it uses windows have minimal abrasion during daily use.

Opt for polyester blends (often used with cotton) and have an option with an affordable price and that does not wrinkle. It’s hard, shrink resistant and easy to clean normally, but keep in mind that tends to frisarse pure polyester.

Make an economic choice by choosing the acetate, which looks like silk and hangs well. However, it is weak and is easily damaged by the sun so do not consider it a good investment for windows.

Avoid fiberglass fabrics if you sew your own curtains; usually handfuls of chips. This material is strong but brittle so try to minimize handling of curtains made with this material.

Choose nylon, widely used in curtains, for its durability, easy to clean and reasonably priced.