How to Choose the Perfect Door for Your Home

Are you looking for the perfect door that marks the entrance to your abode or ones that open to your passageways and bedrooms? If you are, then you’re reading the right article.

Doors protect you from the elements and intruders. They serve as the first line of defense wherever you are in the house and provide privacy when you need it. So how do you choose the right doors for your home?

Opening the Door to Discovery

Many variables go into your decision to buy a specific door, and the ideal one at that, for the home.

Types and Roles

  • The front door, or the main exterior door or entry door, combines functionality, security, and beauty to boost curb appeal. Order high-quality timber entry doors for low prices here.
  • Interior doors are made for bedrooms and closets, among other things.
  • A patio door opens wide to the deck or outdoors.
  • A garage door is often the largest door, complementing the design of the house.

Prehung versus Slab Doors

The slab is the door itself and used when you want to replace one in your home. Prehung, on the other hand, is the door and the jamb or frame. With those hinges attached to the frame, you only need to fit this door into the doorway.

Because the prehung door is complete, it is more expensive than the slab door. Speaking of expense, determine the door handing and swing so you can order the correct replacement and the hinges.

Wood, Fiberglass, and Steel

These three are the most commonly used materials for doors. Let’s take a look at their merits and not-so-good points.


Pros: Solid wood like cherry, oak, and African mahogany lends natural beauty and elegance to your home. Its look and class, alongside its durability and eco-friendliness, makes it a popular choice for front doors.

Cons: Exposure to elements like water can cause the wood to swell and expand over time. You may have to refinish every year or so to protect it from the weather and stains. While wood by itself is a natural insulator, a door of this material has a lower insulation or resistance value than a metal door. And click the link if you are looking for the most reliable security doors geelong.


Pros: This material is a close alternative, if not duplicate, to solid-wood doors, and it does not rot. A fiberglass door also gives better insulation than its wooden counterpart. The fiberglass door is not prone to scratches, scrapes, and dents, so maintenance is easy.

Cons: Wood beats fiberglass in terms of aesthetics. Because of its manufacturing process, fiberglass, as an option, can be more expensive than the solid wood choice.


Pros: A steel door makes your space better insulated and costs less than wood too. This door can last for years because it does not warp or rot.

Cons: Solid steel is heavy; that’s why those steel doors made for homes have steel plates with polyurethane or polystyrene foam as a core. A steel entry door is not as pleasing to the eyes as wood or fiberglass, and it is also subject to rusting and denting.

A Word about MDF

Medium-density fiberboard is a popular choice for interior doors. MDF doors are made of wood fibers and are constructed using the rail-and-stile method. They are durable, and you can repaint them.


When you shop for doors, you will come across a range of hardware—from the essentials like hinges, handles, and locks to additional accessories like peepholes and doorstops or closers.

Any of those materials generally supports door hardware. But if you’re looking for an entry door that is resistant to tampering and can support massive locks, consider steel. You can test its effectiveness with this tool from Peterson lockpicks and when you are locked out of your home for sure.

Other Considerations for Your Door

  • Sound rating is measured in STC (sound-transmission class), where the higher the score of your door, the better it can block sound.
  • Fire rating is the ability of a door to withstand heat to allow you to escape. Check with your local building regulations regarding fire doors.
  • Sizing: doors are available in custom sizes, so measure correctly for the perfect fit.

You realize that there is so much to doors than how they look. So the next time you open a door, pay close attention.