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Choose a color that goes well with your furniture

Choose a color for the wall is almost always a matter of personal taste. If you already have furniture in the room , you can use as a reference point. Remember that, in general, not necessarily have to choose a color to match the furniture. Best looking a neutral tone or a complementary. Use online references and samples of Color paint store to choose what you like.
Choosing a wall color


Consider taking a complementary color. Complementary colors are the ones you are located opposite each other on the color wheel: red and green are complementary colors, like blue and orange, and yellow and purple. They go well together well inside and can really make your design more aesthetic whole. However, some people believe that the result is too bold.


Think neutral hues. Here are the best if your furniture is a color glossy that stands; for example, if you have a set of red sofas or yellow. A neutral tone like gray, light brown or white, will create a more relaxed atmosphere in the room and could serve as a backdrop for these interesting furniture.
Take a picture of the room you’re decorating . Use the best camera you have on hand; thus it will not change color too. Print the image and save a digital copy on your computer.

Go to a website such as home decoration mydeco.com. Upload the image of your room and try different colors on the wall to see what looks good with your furniture.

Go to a paint store, once you have an idea of ​​the color you are looking for. Choose several samples that approach and do not forget to use the printed image as a reference.

Bring home samples and place them against the wall and furniture to help you make the final decision. Do not worry too much. Remember you can always repaint if you change your mind later.