Chocolate Cakes at Emicakes

If you want to treat yourself with one of the best chocolate cake in the whole of Singapore then you can go to Emicakes. Their chocolate cake has got one of the greatest chocolate cake recipes in the whole of Asia and they have been more than consistent over the years. Getting a dozen of this is worth every price it costs. In fact, a decade of saving is worth it. Who wants cake? You can always get a bunch of them from the best daily deals at

If you have seen the Maltida movie, you will definitely remember the scene where the boy was made to devour the most delicious of the chocolate. I still continue to wish I am in the boy’s shoes where I am made to eat a couple of Emicakes’ chocolate cakes almost every day. I am eating one right now and It is insanely sweet. The cake is wet yet it has got the perfect crumbs.

Most of the confectionaries similar online cake confectionaries may look like they are offering the same products at flashy deals, however, when you compare closely at a few of them with the Emicakes; you discover there is no similar comparison whatsoever with them.

Everything about it is delicious and perfect. it is not too delicious and will even go well with a chocolate ice cream. If you desire one. According to the makers of this delicious cake,
“Think of a thick, moist, and mouth-watering chocolate cake and your heart will start beating a little faster. We call it to love at first taste which has stood the test of time when it comes to choosing a cake. Our obsession with chocolate cake knows no bounds. Whether it’s chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, chocolate chiffon, or chocolate fudge, we got it all covered.”

Making a favorite of their cake might be an understatement but the cake is chocolatey perfection. This is the chocolate cake you’ve been dreaming of and as they say, you may not be able to order for or purchase happiness but you are sure to derive maximum benefit when you buy their chocolate cake. And they have got different packages, everything is all determined by the size of your pocket. Both the regular and premium packages are relatively affordable. As for the premium package, they have got three premium packages: the Premium Ocean Dreams Chocolate, the pure addiction, and the Candyland chocolate. You can get all these at less than sixty bucks. To me, pure addiction seems the most amazing of the chocolate cake. Emicakes did a great job of making the cake in being simple but delicious. The cake is definitely a hit.

All their cakes are close to perfect and you can also get their cakes when you browse through their other collection.

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