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Children’s room tidy and colorful

This time, we went from an old room with two beds to a child’s bedroom neat and colorful . The main challenge of this program will achieve a more appropriate stay for a small child . Therefore, one can achieve nursery decor simple, colorful and well ordered. Suffice it to paint the walls, put some details for storage, renew the bed and small accessories that make this room becomes a child’s bedroom .

children's room

Step by step to decorate a bedroom neat and colorful

Step 1
We stay with outdated decor and nothing appropriate for a toddler. Therefore, we will achieve a colorful and neat nursery decor . Start emptying all nights to start painting.

Step 2
bedroom transformation started a new color on the walls . We opted for a turquoise. First we cut the brush and then paint the rest with roller. As the surface is rough, use a long nap roller.

Step 3
After painting the walls and the wardrobe, we will give more color to the room . To do this, we use fabrics decorate the doors of the cabinet. After cutting the fabric to a slightly larger than the size of the doors, let’s make a hem.

Step 4
To hang the fabric on the closet door, it’s time to make a buttonhole . With the same sewing buttonholes make a seam ripper and cut the fabric. This same process will do with different fabrics for each door.

Step 5
The next step is to place a new curtain in the window . As will be a children’s room, the curtain will be personalized with children’s motifs.

Step 6
To give you a more refreshed air to the room, the next thing we will do is renew the bed . We will use the same structure but we are going to paint to make it look more modern and new. The first will be to sand the entire surface.

Step 7
In this case, the color chosen for the bed will be a blank . This will bring light to the room and give you a renewed and modern touch. Smooth surfaces for painting use a roller and a brush to the other.

Step 8
just decorate the child’s bedroom and colorful new clothes placing more children’s bed, some tables and a well-ordered toys. In this way we achieve a perfect stay for a toddler.