Bedroom Design

How to decorate children’s bedroom furniture

Decorate children’s bedroom furniture which is used for a boy and a girl is more problematic to do with a room shared by children of the same sex. This is because the needs are usually different when decorating your bedroom. Find common elements, themes or color schemes can be a complicated process, especially if the room is shared by a boy and a girl or an extra bedroom at grandma’s house to visit her grandchildren.


Determines the color scheme or the basic idea that you asked the boy and the girl. For example, blue and green theme for a submarine. For beach themes, tropical or nautical could also work. Consider the issues of animals, prince and princess, stars and outer space or far west.


childrens bedroom furniture


Paint the walls in a color or combination of colors you have applied for children, or supplements a neutral topic. For example, blue, green, beige, gray or other neutral colors would work for the entire room. Or you can combine different colors to highlight and separate different areas of the room. For example, paint two walls in the blue area of the child and the other two walls of red on the girl. Consider using murals. For example, paint the walls in light blue to represent the ocean with mermaids on her side and sharks or whales beside him.




Choose furniture that combine and have the appropriate measure for the room. For example, if the room is large enough to divide and to ensure that every child has their privacy, libraries or cabinets placed back to back in the middle of the room. Used bunk beds for small rooms if the children agree with the color scheme or theme, but distinguishes the bedding area. For example, in the garden theme with flowers and insects for him for her and you can include wall or beds for each child to have their personal space.



Hang curtains that complement the room. If the theme or color scheme does not allow specific curtains without favoring one child, consider solid colors or striped curtains that include the colors of both areas. For example, if the theme is nautical may include walls in dark blue with white or red curtains.



Decorate the room with a carpet contrast with the colors of the curtains and bedding. Place lights and lamps to illuminate the entire room or just small areas in the event that one of the children wants light and the other not. Hang framed pictures or posters that likes both children. For example, the side of the girl you can include pictures of the sky with stars and moons and child-side images of outer space.



Place baskets, containers, shelves or boxes for toys for each child to have their own space to store toys or personal items. Even if the room is for short visits to Grandma’s house, a child will appreciate having a space individual keeps her stuff. The room should have a common area where children feel free to play together or store shared toys and books.