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Children alone at home on vacation. What precautions follow?

What you have decided: this year going ye of Easter holidays without your teen. He’s not exactly thrilled with the idea to accompany you, and you consider yourself which is already old enough to stay at home alone a few days. But even though you know it’s good that as children grow assume responsibility and autonomy, can not avoid certain nerves and uncertainty at the idea of ​​leaving a young man in charge of the house. The following steps will help you to make the journey more relaxed.

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1. Let him noted the name and phone number of the hotel where you are going to spend the holidays. Today we can easily locate via mobile, but it is worth you can do otherwise. Also make sure you have the phone numbers of grandparents, uncles, friends and neighbors of confidence if you have some unforeseen and needs the help of an adult who is close to home. In addition to saving on your mobile, paste the list on the fridge is a good idea.
2. Remind that, in a serious emergency (for example, if they come to steal at home) should call 112. If accounts with a service for urgent assistance in the home , as offered by the RACC, commentate how they can help and let him also the phone number to call if you need to.

3. Make sure you know where the kit and review it before you leave, so your child have everything you need should be a small wound or cut.
4. If someone unknown telephones, let him clearly should not tell who is alone at home. Remind also open the door to someone you know may not be dangerous.
5. Talk to him about the responsibility that comes with being home alone and whether to invite friends, let him clear that it is important that the rules of coexistence usual not skip (not to loud music, respect the rest of the neighbors … ). Putting examples concerning it, like asking what would happen if during exam neighbors not stop making noise, can help to take more awareness.

And keep in mind that whether stays home as if up traveling alone, do RACC partner is the best option.’ll Have the peace of mind that will feature the best assistance to any incident more here .