Check Out These Techniques About Caring For Your Wooden Floors

Wooden floors have a distinct beauty, elegance, and last for decades if looked after properly. Although all types of wooden floorings are reasonably durable and hardwearing, the owner still needs to care and protect from damage. If you pay regular attention to ensure that they remain in pristine condition, these floorings will bring significant value and comfort to your home.

Looking after any wooden floor is convenient if you follow the advice of the experts. To learn from their insight, click here.

However, there are techniques that you can do on your own, and here’s what you need to know.

Regular vacuuming

Keeping the debris off your floor is half the task done. Even the slightest of the trash on the floor and you walk across it is almost like sandpaper on the bottom of your footwear. It is sure to give scratches. Therefore, swipe daily and go over with your vacuum cleaner regularly. If you use strong suction, it is helpful as it pulls up dust and debris in cracks and in between planks.

Get the right cleaning product

Although different wooden floor finishes require different cleaning products, it is better to stick to what the manufacturer advises you. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners as it creates a haze that just doesn’t look good. Prefer a supplemented product instead of going for anything that can shine or polish the surface.

Keep it dry

Once you have found the right cleaning product, use it with a damp mop. You should never go about soaking the floor with water and cleanser as it may cause you flooring to swell. Steam is popularly used to clean the wood floor, but you should avoid it as the vapors easily enter small spaces and cause permanent damage to the floor.

Regular touch-up of the surface

Getting scratches on the surface is entirely normal; in the normal course, it does happen. Getting those scratches is part of owning a wood floor. However, what is advisable is to fix surface scratches as and when you notice it. At the same time, fixing the surface scratches, its best to use a stain marker from a touch-up kit for wood flooring.

Timely recoat

When you notice the floor starting to wear down, do not overlook or procrastinate. It is time to step in and recoat. It is merely applying another coat of finish to the top surface of the floor. It will bring back the luster and life of your wood floor. Therefore, you need not go through the sanding process. Make recoating a timely practice, and it will prolong a floor’s life for many years. It actually works as a layer of protection.


Be careful not to walk on the wood floor with spiked or damaged heeled shoes, as it may dent the surface. Also, keep the nails of your pets trimmed to avoid scratches and stains on the surface. Pets occasionally may rub their nails or attempt to dig; it’s a behavior that needs to be corrected in the first instance.

Wooden flooring is alluring for any home, only if you take proper and timely care of it from elements