Cheap Handyman Services in Singapore

If you’re currently residing in a house with minor or major defects that are bothering you and is located anywhere around Singapore, you should go check out the Handyman Singapore price.

As time passes by, home problems become more inevitable. From exterior issues like rainwater penetration through doors or windows to certain problems like plumbing defects, dangerous wiring connections, and broken fixtures, home issues certainly can be tiring as they appear anywhere around your home exposing your loved ones to hazards.

One common mistake that we all might have made when dealing with minor issues we observe in our house is being complacent. While these minor house issues may not yet show evident effects, these can potentially grow into a bigger headache once they are left unchecked or may indicate a sign for other larger complications that are just too unnoticeable, therefore early examination and action are highly recommended.

However, solving these home issues–even if it’s a minor one–alone is also not suggested as you possibly could worsen the defect and there will be some complicated problems that need someone’s certain expertise for them to be solved. And that’s when handyman services become handy!

In Singapore, plenty of residential buildings such as HDB flats, condominiums, and apartment houses are established everywhere. And with the aforementioned inevitability of home issues, having quality and accessible repairman services that are embodied with skilled and versatile handyman has been the key in helping a lot of Singaporean people get rid of their home defects.

Regardless of what type of defect your house is experiencing, Handyman Services Singapore would eagerly endeavor to help you achieve ease by properly mending it at a low-cost fee!

Handyman Services in Singapore

Reliable Handyman Services Singapore focuses on their objective to be the top service provider in Singapore by offering quality and cheap services concerning home fix and office requirements including carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical works, and many more, that are executed by their professional and all-around handyman to Singaporeans located anywhere within the country. Whether you’re dealing with home, toilet, and kitchen improvement, or workplace renovation, relying on the skillful workers of Handyman Services Singapore will be a great choice as they consider the improvement of your home as their number one priority.

What are the factors affecting the handyman’s cost?

Complication and size of the project

As the handyman do their job, their resources are being spent and used. These resources include the time, energy, materials, and skills of the repairmen. Therefore, the more complicated and bigger the project is tasked to them, the greater the cost of the service as the amount of the required resources also increases in this case. That’s why it is highly suggested to give sufficient information about the work to the handyman for better negotiation of the price and operation of the project.

Urgency of the Problem

Needless to say, giving urgent work to a handyman will result in a greater cost. Urgent responses from a handyman are more costly because it requires more extensive resources–especially time and effort–for the urgent action to be provided. Again, complacency is a common mistake. Even if you’re dealing with an issue that is in need of an emergency repair, it’s still highly recommended for you to call an expert handyman, or else you’ll possibly worsen the situation or get yourself exposed to danger.


Knowledge–which can be acquired from experience–is one of the most valuable assets of a company because it results in greater productivity and quality of work. Therefore, hiring a handyman equipped with a lot of experience in this particular job can certainly give clients quality and speedy outcomes. Consequently, a competent handyman with a lot of experience tends to charge a greater cost for their quality and faster service, while a starting handyman with limited experience usually has a lower rate.

Hourly Rates

While some handyman in Singapore charge their clients at a fixed rate, there are also who charge the cost of their services based on the hour spent completing the work. In this case, however, the rates will still be determined by some other factors including the other equipment and materials required for the job to be done. Sometimes, handyman in Singapore will charge their service at a greater cost on the starting hour then will charge the rest of the hour at a lower or decreasing cost.

Cheap Handyman Services in Singapore

If you’re searching for an ideal cost of installation services in Singapore via the internet but just got overwhelmed as you come across multiple results with different answers, this article is the perfect read for you as we provide an affordable price list for every sort of handyman service in the country.

General Home Services in Singapore

On this price list, we have included some of the common and minor projects that Singaporeans assign to their handyman such as replacements, installation, assembling, and the like. Moreover, this certain price list already has the inclusion of transportation fees.

General Home Services Singapore Price
Replace Switch Socket outlet $60
Replace Light Fittings or Light Bulbs $60
Replace Door Knob $120
Replace Bedroom Door $380
Install Pictures and Frames from $60
Install Shelves $70
Install Mirrors $70
Install TV Brackets $80
Install Wall-mounted Fan $120
Install Chandelier $120
Install Ceiling Fan $150
Assemble Tables or Chairs $60

General Home Services Singapore

Plumbing Services in Singapore

Plumbing is one consequential system inside every household because, for one, it enables us to both adequately use and save the consumption of water. Moreover, plumbing helps us achieve comfort and proper hygiene as it prevents us from exposure to various types of germs.

Therefore, the consideration in making improvements or maintaining the orderliness of a plumbing system in a household will be a great decision. And to give you an idea of how much you will have to pay for this certain work, we have provided a price list for the plumbing services in Singapore, including the transportation fee.

Plumbing Services Singapore Pricing
Replace leaking pipes from $60
Install/Replace Water Taps $60
Install/Replace Shower sets $70
Install/Replace Instant Heater $80
Install/Replace toilet bowl $180
Clear Kitchen/Basin/Toilet Bowl Choke $100-$120
Install/Replace Large Heater $120

Plumbing Services Singapore Price List

Painting Services in Singapore

Surprisingly, wall paintings have a great impact on your home. For one, wall paintings prevent the entry of moisture into your home which can somehow strengthen the structure of your house. Furthermore, wall paintings will offer you a helping hand in maintaining the cleanliness of your home as they ward off every allergen, dirt, and dust from your house.

With that being said, painting your walls can be very tricky. From choosing which color that suits your home to coating the wall in paint, this particular job certainly is challenging to execute. That’s why hiring a handyman to paint your walls is very reasonable! For this section, we have provided the price list of painting services in Singapore, including the transportation fee.

Painting Services Singapore Pricing
HDB 3 Room from $900
HDB 4 Room from $1200
HDB 5 Room from $1500
HDB Executive/ Jumbo from $1800
Condo Painting Singapore 1 room from $800
Condo Painting Singapore 2 rooms from $1200
Condo Painting Singapore 3 rooms from $1500
Interior Landed Property Painting Singapore (12-15 days) from $3500
Exterior Landed Property Painting Singapore (15-20 days) from $5000

Painting Services Singapore Price List

Air Condition Servicing in Singapore

Did you know? The geographical location of Singapore is nearby the equator which makes the country experience a tropical climate–high temperature and humidity. Thus, Singaporeans normally utilize air-conditioning units to get rid of their country’s extreme weather.

If you’re a constant consumer of air-conditioning units, it is highly recommended to conduct regular maintenance for this certain system. When air-conditioning units are not being taken care of, they tend to give off bad effects including an increase in electricity bills, and bad air quality which can result in your family’s health problems.

Therefore, if you’re torn between getting your aircon checked or just letting it be, it is highly suggested to have them undergo maintenance performed by a skilled handyman. Worry less! As we give you a glimpse of the air condition services’ cost with the provided price list in Singapore.

For this price list, we have curated the cost of the General Air Conditioning Servicing which are usually divided into two categories: regular maintenance including water tray cleaning, fan blower, vacuuming drainage pipes, aircon cover, and AC system’s final performing tests, and situation-based services such as service report preparation, examination of defective AC parts, and service-based quotation offering. Moreover, this certain price list already has the inclusion of the handyman’s transportation fee.

Air Conditioner Units Service Price
1 Fancoil (c/w Condenser) $40
2 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $70
3 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $90
4 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $120
5 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $150
6 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $180

Aircon Servicing Singapore Price List

For this different price list below, we have provided the summary of the Contract Maintenance Service’s cost that is being offered by Handyman Services Singapore. Clients can decide whether they want the service to be performed 3 or 4 times a year. This special service includes water trays cleaning, indoor and cooling coil, fan blower, flushing out water drainage system, deodorizing filter, bio-pure, compressor suction, and discharge pressure professional checkup. Additionally, clients can also enjoy the lubricating motor bearer inspection services done by the company’s skilled handyman.

Air Conditioner Unit One-Time Service Price in Singapore
Tri-Yearly (3x) Quarterly (4x)
3 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $250 $350
4 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $350 $450
5 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $450 $550
6 Fancoils (c/w Condenser) $550 $650

Aircon Servicing Singapore Price List

Lastly, Handyman Service Singapore offers their Chemical Service wherein client’s air conditioning units will undergo chemical washing with the use of excellent germicide sprays and high-pressure jet sprays to extensively remove germs, dirt, and stains. The Aircon Chemical Washing Service from the Handyman Service Singapore costs $150 per unit.

Does a handyman in Singapore need a license and insurance?

Yes! In fact, it is highly suggested to check the license of the handyman you’re about to hire because, for one, those professional cheap handyman Singapore are accredited to perform or offer handyman services, and by doing this, you can ensure a proper and safe operation of the project being done within your home by your trusted repairmen.

Naturally, the jobs performed by our fellow handyman can expose them to a lot of hazards. That’s why it is also suggested to look for an insured handyman, especially if the job you would assign to these repairmen will put them at risk.