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How do I connect secondary wall lights to a ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan can provide air circulation and can also be the centerpiece of a room. Many ceiling fans also have a light kit included. In certain situations you might want additional lamps are controlled by the same switch on the wall. This is just a matter of continuing the circuit wiring ceiling fan to each of the additional lamps you want to activate the wall switch.
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Turn off the electricity to the entire area. This should be done by turning off the circuit breaker to the circuit box. Test the circuit to make sure you have the right switch off. If there is a danger that someone prematurely turn on the switch, you need to place a note in the box or safe circuit for more protection.


Lower the ceiling fan enough to access the roof opening. No need to completely disassemble the fan and disconnect all cables. Many fans can be connected to the support frame and hang below the connector cables. If not, you need to hold the fan in any way without putting weight on the fan cables. In some instances this can be done with a ladder .
Diriga secondary cables to the fan lamps. If you are adding cables, be sure to keep in mind that you can not have any binding or splicing within the walls or in your attic. Always make sure that the cable contains a ground wire will be green or bare copper wire. Cables extending through the roof opening enough to allow you to make the necessary connections easily.

Make the cable connections. If your fan does not include a light, connect the black wire of the secondary lights to the black wires that drive the fan. Board cables and secure them with a knot, making sure it is tight and that no bare wire showing. The lights now come on when the fan is on.

Connect the wires to the light kit. If your fan has a light kit that is activated by a wall switch wiring then the process will be slightly different. Connect the white wires as before, making sure that all cables are properly secured in the threaded cable. Connect the black wire from the new light to black and blue fan wire. (In some cases the blue wire is black / white or red). The lights will now be activated when the light is turned on the fan, but the fan will operate independently of the lights.

Reassemble the fan support. Make sure all cables are placed aside and not pressured under the mounting plate or trapped in a stand when you come to place the fan in place. Turns the power of the test area and the ceiling fan like the new lamps.