How to Make a Small Apartment Seem Larger

a small but spacious apartment

Many people find it challenging to arrange things in a small apartment. These may include beds that barely fit in bedrooms and dining areas that serve as home offices, too. There are also some who find it difficult to buy things because they do not have enough space to store them. If … Read more

How to Set Up a Bedroom for Small Children

Brown wooden baby crib placed next to the wall.

Why do you think people prefer to have separate rooms for their younger kids? What makes them come to a decision like this? Are they trying to flee from the toys mess? No sane parent would want to separate themselves from their children at a young age, but this step is taken … Read more

Making the Most of Your Attic

A woman looking out the window from the attic room.

Where do you store things that are not wanted anymore. How do you manage the boxes that keep piling up? Where does the undesired stuff vanish when it’s not needed? The simple answer to this mystery is in the attic. The space between your top roof and ceiling is known as an … Read more

Home Decor Ideas with Sheet Metal

A modern house interior

Sheet metal is one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry. Although it has mostly been used while constructing properties but today it has made its way inside homes too. Homeowners are shifting towards sheet metal for amazing home décor ideas.  Sheet metal is basically a flat sheet made … Read more

How to decorate your house with paintings and photos

How to decorate your house with paintings and photos

Forget about empty walls. If you do not know how to choose paintings to decorate your home, we will tell you which ones to put, where and with what to accompany them. Level it up! We review each room in the house to show that some pictures or pictures look good in … Read more

What are the Different Types of Mirrors for Your Home?

woman looking at the mirror

Mirrors can add style to any room, and they can also serve a great use. Having mirrors around your home is good because it enables you to have a quick look, especially before you go out. But aside from being practical items at home, mirrors are also used for home decorating. You … Read more

Top 7 Plants Perfect for Backgrounds of Magazine Photoshoots

Pink and green leaves of the caladium plant

Plants can do wonders for setting your interior design theme, but they also work very well for several kinds of photoshoots. Many magazines use plants in their photoshoot background, whether it’s for staging an empty home or showcasing furniture. The right plant can set off the subject of a photograph in the … Read more

10 Houseplant Care Myths

A houseplant with shiny leaves

Houseplants do a lot for your interiors, especially when you want to improve your home aesthetics. Those who do keep live plants in their living or working space know that they also require a certain amount of care. Even the hardiest houseplant won’t last too long if you neglect it completely, so … Read more

Tips for Decorating a Teen’s Room With Plants

Tips for Decorating a Teen’s Room WithPlants

Houseplants can improve the interior of any home in more ways than one. It’s also one of the best ways to make your home stand out from others. However, simply putting the pants in your home office and living room might not be enough. In order to gain the full potential of … Read more

Top 10 Houseplants That Can Survive Low Light Conditions

Top 10 Houseplants That Can Survive Low Light Conditions

If you live in an apartment or even a house in an urban region, chances are that you don’t get to experience nature on a daily basis. This is why many homeowners love to invest in houseplants. While they do require a bit of upkeep, houseplants are a great way to enhance … Read more

How ToImprove Home Aesthetics With Houseplants

How ToImprove Home Aesthetics With Houseplants

With the right houseplants, any homeowner can add a lovely touch to their interior decor. Plus, the oxygen that these plants produce will improve the air quality inside your living or working spaces. Certain studies also show that adding plants in one’s surroundings is good for mental health as well. With all … Read more

Quirky Drapes For Your Nursery

If you have a baby at home, the nursery room is one of the fun spaces to decorate. It’s because you can incorporate it with patterns and lots of different colors, to make the area look brighter and more fun for your baby. Aside from decorations, furniture, and paint, one of the … Read more