Major Furniture Styles

There are a lot of furniture styles on the market, and sometimes the terms used to describe them becomes confusing. You need to familiarize yourself to know what type of furniture you are looking for in your home, especially if you want to pull off a specific interior design style. Here is … Read more

What is an Accent Chair?

  Do you have a boring, bland and awkward space in your home? Don’t waste its potential. The easiest way to add an easily noticeable decoration and practical addition to space is to place an accent chair within a room. An accent chair is an extra seating space that adds a dose … Read more

Decorating with Mismatched Furniture

Not all people have the luxury of having matched sets that make your home look like those in the magazines. It’s either they are constrained by budget and they could only afford items from thrift shops, or they received a bunch of hand-me-down furniture and it would be impractical not to use … Read more

Tips for Cleaning Leather Furniture

Cleaning Leather Furniture

Leather furniture adds a sense of elegance and class to your home interior. They are also durable and low-maintenance, so they’re very forgiving even with the least bit of care. However, dirt, dust, and stains happen inevitably, which forms ugly blemishes if not removed. To help keep your leather furniture in pristine … Read more

Decorating with a Leather Couch

A leather couch is a classic furnishing that can match almost any home design style. It’s a timeless, versatile piece that can fit with a traditional or modern, contemporary or edgy. But sometimes, it poses a decorating dilemma if you’re not fond of it, or if you think you’re stuck with decorating … Read more

Types of Sofas


Sofas comprise one of the major furniture pieces in a living room, and also of the whole house. Whether you’re looking for the right type of couch for your house, or you’re starting out as a designer, or you’re simply interested in improving your design vocabulary, this article will help you learn … Read more

Types of Upholstery Fabrics

Polyester and Microfiber

Whether you’re looking for a new chair or wanting to give a new look for your sofa, you need to consider the type of upholstery fabric you’re going for. Well, first things first – upholstery is providing furniture with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or other coverings. It is often applied with … Read more

Decorating with Bamboo

Bamboo furniture design

Bamboo is probably the most decorative type of wood ever. It’s a great way to incorporate nature in the interiors of any home because it already looks good at its basic, natural state. And unlike other sources of wood such as trees, bamboo is very easy to grow and can regenerate itself … Read more

Decorating with Glass Furniture

Book Table Indoors Furniture Office Glass

Glass is a beautiful, transparent and reflective kind of material and when used for home décor and interior design, it gives an elegant and sophisticated effect. Furniture and accessories made of glass are highly versatile, because they allow for other colors and patterns in a room shine through. Glass items are also … Read more