Ways to Warm the Home without Running the Heat

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When temperatures go down, energy bills rise up. Blasting up your thermostat seems like the easiest way to keep your home warm during the winter, but it can add up to your costs fast. The good thing is, there are other ways to heat your home that doesn’t involve blasting up your … Read more

Tips to Save Electricity

saving money

Electricity prices are always rising and utility bills are getting harder to pay. These days everyone is looking for a way to save electricity, and they’re constantly searching for answers. There are known ways to save electricity, and there are also surprising ways to conserve energy at home. By making some small … Read more

How to Prepare Home for the Summer

Be ready to party

Summer is a sought-after season for many people since it’s the time for family vacations, trips to the beach, barbeque parties or simply staying at home. But it’s also the season of hurricane warnings, scorching hot temperatures, bug invasions, rainstorms, and the highest consumption of energy throughout the year. Here’s how you … Read more

Home Safety Tips for Kids

Keep small sized items away from kids.

Home is where the kids grow and learn, feel safe and secure, and find love and care. It’s where they first see and experience the world around them and let their mind and body develop. But even when their home must be the safest place on earth for a child, it’s still … Read more

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the toilet

Cleaning the bathroom can be one of the most hated household chores out there. The bacteria in the bathroom can be pretty gross, and you might see some disgusting tidbits down your drain or tub. But like any other room in your house, the bathroom has to be cleaned – and it … Read more

How to Clean a Chimney

clean a chimney

People are drawn to the warmth of a burning fire in the fireplace that they tend to ignore the mess and hassle that accompanies its maintenance and operation. Burning fires in the fireplace lead to the accumulation of soot and creosote, which shouldn’t be ignored. Creosote is a gummy, sticky, foul-smelling substance … Read more

Ways to Save Energy on Air Conditioning

Sometimes, a fan is just enough to keep you cool. But when temperatures start hitting 90 to more than 100 degrees, the humidity can be so intense that all you wanted to do is to stay at your house with the air conditioner turned on high. It’s a refreshing way to stay … Read more

Tips for Cleaning the Living Room

living rooms

The living room is one of the main areas in your house that is the most frequented by your household and other people, especially guests. It’s where you welcome people and entertain them, so it must always look presentable. Even if you can’t afford to redecorate it or replace the old furniture … Read more

How to Protect a Home from Pests

Keep your house clean

Bugs, cockroaches, rats, centipedes, termites and ants and other insects are unwanted visitors in your house that keep making themselves welcome. They live in the corners and crevices in your house, and poses danger to your hygiene, health, furniture and even to the structure of your home. Keep them away by following … Read more