Care and Maintenance Tips for Bedsheets

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A good quality bedsheet improves the quality of our sleep and the appearance of our bedroom as a whole. But for bedsheets to remain in its best quality, it needs proper care and maintenance. Keep your beddings in their best shape by following these tips: 1. Follow care instructions Bedsheets and other … Read more

How to Remove Tough Stains from Tile

A common household problem with tile flooring and walls is staining. Tiles can be stained because substances penetrate its porous finish, making it difficult to clean. There are many reasons why it happens, such as food and drink spillages, soap residue, or increase in room temperature that causes humidity and moisture to … Read more

Advantages of an Energy Efficient Home

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During our modern era, you can hear a lot of concerns about energy efficiency more than before, like how important it is and how it can benefit you. As a homeowner, it is important to make the necessary adjustments to achieve energy efficiency in your home. Most people know that energy efficient … Read more

Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your Shoes

While juggling on your busy schedule, it’s easy to take your trusty shoes for granted. You may have loved your shoes on the first time you saw it, but wear and tear happen and before you know it, it doesn’t look and feel like the shoes you have loved in the first … Read more

Removing Deodorant Stains

It sucks when you want to wear your favorite shirt, only to find out that it has embarrassing deodorant stains. Good thing there’s a lot of options that can help you remove these unsightly stains, many of these involving simple household items. Whether it’s a yellowish stain left on your favorite white … Read more

Common Mistakes when Doing Laundry

Laundry Mistakes

Doing laundry seems like a very simple task. You toss your laundry in the washing machine fill it with water, add soap, and switch the machine on. You may have been washing your clothes for years, but you may not know that there are things you haven’t been doing right – like … Read more

Time-Saving Tips for Household Chores

A lot of families don’t have a house helper who can vacuum the carpets, do the laundry or tidy the children’s rooms, so the responsibility of keeping the house clean and orderly is on your shoulders. But sometimes, do you feel like you’re spending your whole life doing household chores? Yes, they … Read more

Keeping House Cool without Air Conditioning

During the hottest days of summer, it’s tempting to crank the AC (or wish you own air conditioning) because of the brutally high temperature. We just know it’s the surefire way to cool down indoors and get a good night’s sleep during summer nights. But using air conditioning doesn’t have to be … Read more

Summer House Cleaning Tips

Summer is the season when weather is warm, the sun is shining and the kids are at home. While the season seems nice, summer can be a challenging time as it presents some unique kinds of messes in the house. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your home clean this … Read more

How to Save Water and Energy in the Kitchen

Fix dripping taps right away

If you’re not careful, you can be wasting quite a bit on energy and water in your kitchen. Buying Energy Star appliances can be helpful, but you don’t have to buy a whole new set of appliances to improve the energy efficiency of your appliances. Here are some simple ways to save … Read more

Ten Tips for Caring for Clothing and Footwear


The secret to keep clothes in this optimal are these ten tips to care for clothes and shoes we tell you then. The first thing we need is the space clean and organized and never keep dirty clothes in the closet. Moths are the main enemy. If you guides for these ten … Read more

Window Cleaning Tips

Almost all of us love a spot by the windows. For some, it’s always a pleasure to stay in a comfy reading nook by the windows to enjoy the natural sunshine. For morning people, every day’s a good day to take in the view of the outdoors as they sip in their … Read more