Growing Pomegranates

Growing Pomegranates

If you are thinking of planting some shrubs in your backyard garden, then growing pomegranates could be worth considering. With their amazing red flowers that cover most of the tree for many months, the semi-desert, continental climate pomegranate has a profound impact, yet has very minimal maintenance needs. The pomegranate traces its … Read more

Growing Beans in Your Home Garden

Personally, I think growing beans is one of the best and most fun things to do if you are interested in gardening and cooking. It is always a great idea to grow all sorts of vegetables in your home garden, from different varieties of vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage and other leafy vegetables, … Read more

Growing Green Beans

Green Beans

Growing green beans or runner beans as we call them here in the UK, is fairly easy to do as long as you stick to some basic rules, and in the right conditions they will provide you with a fabulous, delicious crop that you can eat in-season or put in the freezer … Read more

How to Grow Asparagus

How to Grow Asparagus

This web page is a brief summary of how to grow asparagus so that you can achieve the highest yields from your plants. Growing asparagus is not necessarily the most straight-forward task, and you need patience. It takes 3 years to establish an asparagus plant for food production, but they are perennials, … Read more

Growing Rhubarb – As Simple As It Gets!

growing rhubarb

Growing Rhubarb is quite possibly one of the easiest things in the world to do. It is a very forgiving plant and extremely hardy, handling most cold winters easily. It’s perennial and will last you for years. It’s not that fussy about the type of ground you grow it in either, as … Read more

Growing Carrots

Growing carrots is a very simple and straightforward process. Once planted, these are vegetables that simply like to be left alone to get on with the job of growing without any help or intervention from you! Like potatoes, you get earlies and main crops. You can also get short-root or long-root varieties. … Read more

A Good Pumpkin Seed Recipe

A Good Pumpkin Seed Recipe

When it comes to choosing a pumpkin seed recipe, especially with halloween just around the corner, there are a good selection of possibilities to choose from. The recipe referred to as ‘Cinnasweet’ is very popular at the moment, so I’ll show you how to make it… I should mention that pumpkin seeds … Read more

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds Getting The Most Out Of Your Pumpkin

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds Getting The Most Out Of Your Pumpkin

Have you ever wondered what you could do with all those seeds you get after emptying a pumpkin? Well, rather than just throw them away, you can actually use them. Not all seeds are useless, in fact many are highly nutritious – like the pumpkin seed, which comes with a lot of … Read more

Pumpkin Growing Can Provide a LOT of Food!

Firstly, let there be no illusion, Pumpkin growing needs space – a LOT of space! Even the smaller varieties can produce vines of significant length; therefore growing pumpkins is not a well suited task to a small garden. However, if your do have the space then pumpkin growing can provide a serious … Read more

Growing Asparagus


Growing asparagus is not a particularly quick or easy task. However, Asparagus is a perennial plant so once established, it can go on producing food for as much as 20 years, so it is worth considering if you have a larger plot of land where you can give it an area to … Read more

How to Grow Potatoes in Containers

How to Grow Potatoes

The skill of how to grow potatoes in containers is a surprisingly simple one to learn! Great news for people restricted by the amount of growing space they have. The science of how to grow potatoes in containers is a surprisingly simple one, and thanks to this method, potatoes can be grown … Read more

Growing Peppers

Growing Peppers, compared to many other food plants, is a relatively easy process. Peppers are of the genus Capsicum. It’s a very diverse plant, and there are many varieties; from the very mild sweet peppers, and bell peppers, to the fiery hot JalapeƱo and Habanero peppers. They come in pretty much all … Read more