Winter Gardening

Winter Gardening

Winter gardening is a time of taking stock and planning for the year ahead, but also for growing. If you take a drive into the country, you will often see people pottering around their gardens or allotments. It may seem like the season of rest, but with some planning ahead your garden … Read more

Starting a Garden: Ideas For Growing Food In Containers

starting a garden

Starting a garden is a very simple straight-forward process. You do not need previous experience or fancy/sophisticated equipment to get going. After saying that, if you are starting a garden aimed at growing food in containers, then you will need a few very basic, easily attainable things, namely; Soil or compost Seeds … Read more

Helpful Insect Tips

Helpful insect tips

For slugs, it took a long while until we discovered an easy way to repel them. An older gentleman that works with us at the same restaurant as a dishwasher is also the restaurant’s gardener. The looks fabulous year-round! installing a copper rim around your plant beds as wide as an half … Read more

Best Way to Grow Tomatoes in a Container

Best way to grow tomatoes in a container

Germinate the seeds & let the saplings grow to a height of 8 inches. Make the final growing medium ready. Carefully uproot each sapling. Scrap the stems almost up to the leaves with a fine blade. Apply rooting hormone (for softwood plants) to the scrapped portion. Plant the sapling all the way … Read more

What, NO Pesticides At All?

Our self built greenhouse, made from pallets and plastic bottles.

This is a common response to hearing that everything we grow is untouched by toxins or chemicals of any kind. ‘What, NO pesticides at all?’ No, none. We can go further and state that we never kill anything in the garden – (okay, the bindweed is one exception, only we’re not spraying … Read more

Love Your Gardening but Be Aware of the Hidden Dangers!

Love your gardening but be aware of the hidden dangers!

We wanted to share a very important story with you all, and we hope it can shed some light on the hidden dangers of using soils, mainly bagged composted potting soils. We love our container planting and it serves us well, and we just love bringing plentiful bounties to the table. Moreover, … Read more

Growing Lettuce is Quick and Simple

Growing lettuce can be a simple and rewarding task, with fast results and a tasty fresh crop. Lettuces grow well in cooler climates and are particularly well-suited to the UK and other cooler areas. You can grow them in containers successfully as well as grow-bags and, of course, directly in the ground. … Read more

Growing Pumpkins

Growing Pumpkins

Growing pumpkins is surprisingly easy, making them a popular favorite for children who are starting out into the world of gardening. Not only are they a fast-growing plant, but also a fun plant, providing plenty of nutritious food and seeds for eating, as well as making great decorations for Halloween. These can … Read more

Growing Blueberries

Growing Blueberries

Growing blueberries could be one of the healthiest moves you could make. The tasty little berries can be purple to blue and are packed with antioxidants that can lower your cholesterol and well as reduce your risk of cancer. The attractive bush-like plants will provide an abundant crop year after year if … Read more

What are Hybrid Seeds?

What are Hybrid Seeds?

The other choice of seeds available to you besides regular seeds or heirlooms are hybrid seeds and F1 hybrids. Hybrid seeds are first-generation seeds that come from plants with two very specific parent plants. They can only be produced by crossing with exactly the same parent plants. These seeds are often sterile … Read more

Urban Gardening – Edens of the City

urban gardening

Urban Gardening is the concept of bringing nature into the densely populated towns and cities that many people live in. Whether it’s a small apartment window, a roof, a balcony, or an expanse of tarmac, it can transform any area into a full flourishing Eden. Strange Idea? To many, the concept of … Read more

Our Vertical Hydroponic Growing Setup

When we built our hydroponic growing setup, we designed it with one main thing in mind – space, or rather the lack of it. Of all the Hydroponic Setups we had seen and researched on YouTube and the web, pretty much all of them seemed to have been built using a large … Read more