Pot and Container Sizes When Growing Vegetables at Home

Pot and Container Sizes When Growing Vegetables at Home

When growing plants at home, it is important to review all the available vegetable containers to see if those fit your desired vegetables. Both the type and size of pots or containers can affect how your vegetables grow, so it is only imperative to pick out the right ones. In this article, … Read more

What Materials Are Needed to Build a Container Garden?

Building your own container garden is a great way to boost your creativity and relieve stress. After a long week at work, going home to see your well-maintained container garden gives you a soothing and relaxing feeling. It also gives you a sense of achievement every time you see your plants looking … Read more

Tips for Successfully Planting Seed Potatoes

Freshly dug potatoes are a wonderful treat for the home gardener. However, it would help if you first sowed seed potatoes before harvesting potatoes. Growing seed potatoes is simple and inexpensive, but there are a few things you should know about seed potato planting to ensure success. Choosing Seed Potatoes There are only … Read more

Importance of Having the Right Tools for Container Gardening

Almost everyone loves gardening whereas having a small and enclosed space may tarnish your desperation for gardening. However, container gardening is to grow your plants in containers or pots without utilizing a garden. It includes edible plants as well. You can grow live flowers and plants through these garden equipment that are … Read more

What Vegetables Grow Best in Texas?

Because of the size, diverse climate, and topography, these factors contribute to the diverse agriculture in Texas. You can find an assortment of crops in the Lone Star State, from corn and grain in the Texas Panhandle to tomatoes and potatoes in the south. Determining where exactly you are in Texas is … Read more

Benefits of Container Gardening When Living in a Tiny Home

Do you feel that city life restricts you from your passion for gardening? Living in an apartment in the city should not rob you of the soothing experience of gardening. The same goes for when you have opted to live in a tiny home adhering to minimalism or when you like to … Read more

What is Bucket Gardening?

Tubs and pots that are overflowing with flowers definitely add charm to any garden, but did you know that you can also grow your own vegetable garden at home and have an unlimited source of fresh produce straight from your backyard. You do not need to worry about having a big backyard … Read more

How Do You Keep Rabbits Out of Your Container Food Garden?

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy having a container food garden. Not only is it a practical way to get fresh produce, but it’s also a fun way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. However, one of the biggest challenges of keeping a container food garden is keeping rabbits out … Read more

Tips For Growing Carrots in Your Container Garden

The common misconception is that you need a big garden to grow your own carrots, but container gardening shows that you can grow your favorite vegetables right there on your balcony if you wish to. Carrots are an easy vegetable to grow if you have a sizeable planter. 30 to 40 carrots … Read more

Benefits of Container Gardening for Seniors

At a time when most elderly adults depend on home care aides or family caregivers for the smallest tasks like preparing meals, taking a bath, or getting dressed, they often lose their mobility and cause other repercussions, physically and emotionally. That’s why it’s vital for seniors to continue engaging in activities that … Read more

Proper Drainage Is Important for Container Gardening

Are drainage holes important in container gardening? That’s perhaps one of the questions that boggle your minds, especially if you’re starting out in this hobby. Whatever plants you’re growing, be mindful that proper drainage is crucial to their health. Otherwise, you’d be facing unhealthy and dying plants as standing water can cause … Read more

Tips to Help Grow Successful Container Gardens

Gone are the days when gardening was an exclusive hobby for people with large outdoor space. If you don’t have a backyard, you can grow nearly all veggies, herbs, and flowers in containers, as long as you provide for their basic needs and devote the same passion and care for your plants. … Read more

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