5 Essential Dog Commands

5 Essential Dog Commands

Do you want to train your dog the finest of commands? Ridgeside K9 NorCal Dog Training/dog obedience training in Chico offers solid training to ensure that your dog becomes an obedient pet. But before you take your dog for training, you might want to teach it some basic dog commands. So, where … Read more

Basic Obedience Training For Puppies: Where to Start

Obedience training equips your puppies with the necessary skills to fit into your home. It also teaches them how to interact with family members, strangers, and other dogs. It introduces desired behaviors and discourages, eventually eliminating negative habits. Puppy obedience training is essential in adapting puppies to your unique lifestyle or needs … Read more

How to Stop Your Dog from Growling at Strangers

Dogs are one of the friendliest species of animals. They love being petted and enjoy spending time with humans. But sometimes, some dogs may show aggressive behavior, especially when they are around strangers. According to Wallys World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training, there could be many reasons why dogs growl at … Read more

Puppy Training 101: Your Guide to Mastering Basic Puppy Training

Bringing a puppy home will expose you to different emotions. At first, you will be overwhelmed with the excitement of having a pet and a companion that you can bond with. Over time, you learn the need to communicate effectively with your pet. Proper communication between you and your pet is essential … Read more

What are the Seven Basic Dog Commands?

When training a dog, there are seven basic commands you need to teach them. These commands are referred to as basic obedience commands. Whether you get a puppy or a fully grown dog, you must equip it with some basic obedience training. Categorically, a well-behaved puppy should be able to acknowledge seven … Read more

Constipation in Betta Fish: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Constipation in betta fish is a very common problem. If you own a betta fish, you probably already know that. Although constipation or dropsy is common in betta, it is not great for their health. This is why you must take all the necessary steps to avoid it. Also, you should know … Read more

What Is the Best Lead to Stop a Dog From Pulling?

A walkie is undoubtedly the highlight of any dog’s day. For them, the sights, scents, and squirrels are irresistibly attractive, and exploration is the ultimate goal. However, you might not share the same views. You want a calm walk with your best friend, but he keeps pulling the lead, hoping to cover … Read more

What Is The Best Dog Training Certification?

Are you looking to start a career as a dog trainer? Or maybe you recently adopted a puppy, and you want to train it for good behavior. Technically to become a dog trainer, you don’t require a dog training certificate. However, a training certification is beneficial since it helps you lay your … Read more

How to Take Care of a Pregnant Cat

Having a cat in your home can give you absolute pleasure, love, and enjoyment and make your life much more livable. The company of a cat is also said to be good for your heart’s health and helps you reduce stress.  Many say that cats are independent and moody animals who can … Read more

Why Should You Consider Investing in Customised Pet Runs

As a pet owner, you will know that your pet offers you numerous benefits, simply by being next to you! Owning a pet is a lot of responsibility; it is not enough to ensure that they get timely food and water. You need to pay heed to your pet’s health by ensuring that … Read more

Guide on Choosing a Bed for your Cat

Cats are the supreme comfort experts of the world. They sleep about 16 hours a day, so taking the time to find the right bed for your cat is a must. Just like humans, cats treasure a special sleeping space. This article will cover some of the finer points to look for … Read more

Should I Use a Uv Sterilizer in Aquarium?

The UV sterilizers filter water in ponds and aquariums to remove water column oxidizers, lower disease pathogens, and provide water clarity. There has been a heated debate of whether these devices are a must-have for an aquarium in the recent past. Most people have opposed the idea of having them at large. … Read more

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