How to file an ICBC claim: The Right Way


Most of us may be familiar with ICBC auto insurance. If you are ever involved with an auto accident and planned to claim for a settlement. Then you may know about ICBC auto insurance. Most people are confused about how to file an ICBC claim. If you ever think that the claim … Read more

How Much Is My ICBC Claim Worth?


Accidents always cause harmful consequences, both physically and mentally. Your properties also get damaged in some cases. People often asking how much is my ICBC claim worth? Keep reading. You will get your answer here. In case you are a victim of an accident, either by car or motor vehicle, you have … Read more

7 Tips For Getting a Loan

7 Tips For Getting a Loan

  Do you need a new loan to make ends meet? These tips will give you a better chance of getting one. 1. Read Your Credit Report You will be able to determine what type of loan you are eligible for and better understand how the lender sees your financial situation if … Read more

Tips to Increase Profitability in Construction Companies

Tips to Increase Profitability in Construction Companies

Many construction companies struggle to make decent profits. Why? It’s innate in the construction industry that most companies focus on winning contracts and overlooking the financial aspect. The problem is just not one-sided. Clients, especially in the public sector, incline to award construction tenders to the lowest bidder, ignoring other determinant factors. … Read more

Important Tips for First Time Real Estate Investors

Important Tips for First Time Real Estate Investors

Investing in real estate is a great way to create a lucrative, flexible business model. Whether you’re looking to change careers or already have some experience in the real estate industry, explore how research, an exit strategy and reliable private money lending for real estate can make the difference between a flop … Read more

How to save money on utility bills

While we’ve all got a bit more time at the minute to dedicate to those chores we’ve been putting off – you know, like sorting that drawer in the kitchen that is overflowing with dead batteries and broken biros. There’s no better time to take stock of your finances and see if … Read more

Ways Work at Home Mothers Can Earn Money

mom working at home

As a mother, it’s really a challenge to have a corporate job while having the responsibility to take care of your kids at the same time. That’s why a lot of moms decide to give up their jobs and stay at home so they can give more time for their kids and … Read more