Can Zovirax Cream Treat Cold Sore Lesions?

Cold sore lesions are horrible, unsightly and reminiscent of a related illness that could quite possibly convey the wrong thing about some. That’s right, that old saying that cold sores are technically a form of herpes is actually true. This virus is not limited to sexual transmission, and can accompany cold symptoms, or easily be contracted when cold symptoms have reduced the body’s immune system to the point where something like this is hard to fight off.

Cold sore lesions are not just unsightly, though. They can actually be rather dangerous when not treated properly, allowing for serious infections, as well as potentially increasing risks for various mouse in skin cancers, though this latter threat requires more research. Either way, they are painful, and that alone is enough to make people really want a way to treat them when they break out. We’ve all had them, and while we shouldn’t be embarrassed, they are still embarrassing nonetheless. It’s understandable if you may be interested in how to buy Zovirax Cream as a result.

Does Zovirax Cream work?

It seems like every other day, some new medication for any particular ailment comes along, and it can lead to some skepticism or, more realistically, fatigue and apathy towards proposed new treatments. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is a big contributor to legitimate treatments not really getting the attention they deserve, and often not getting the amount of clinical trials they deserve to prove themselves.

That’s not to say that they don’t get sufficient clinical trials by the standards of the FDA and similar entities, they most certainly do or they wouldn’t be allowed on shelves. However, clinical trials must extend above and beyond this, to really get the attention of pharmaceutical sellers, doctors and patients alike.

Zovirax Cream is a synthetic nucleoside, in a similar family of pharmaceuticals used to treat wider varieties of the herpes virus. A nucleoside is designed to break down the nucleus, or the central core of a virus. Essentially, without getting too complicated, it breaks down the genetic material which comprises most of a virus.

While this is not a miracle cure, as miracle cures for just about anything pretty much don’t exist, similar nucleosides to Zovirax Cream have seen significant success in treating forms of the herpes virus, and this particular one has proven rather potent in most trials so far.

Where can I order Zovirax Cream online?

If you want to buy Zovirax Cream, my biggest recommendation would be to go to an online pharmacy. Not only can you get a generic equivalent through an online pharmacy, which is literally the same thing, only far less expensive, but you can save a great deal of money, especially if you live in the United States.

A Canadian pharmacy, selling online, can provide far-cheaper prices due to pharmaceutical pricing being handled a lot differently in that country. Not paying into the Canadian tax system, this is a terrific loophole for American customers, allowing them, even after import taxes and shipping fees, to save tremendous amounts of money in treating their cold sore lesions.