Can Your Apartment Balcony Be More Private?

Living in an apartment has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that it can be cheaper compared to renting or buying a house and lot. However, one of the disadvantages of apartment living is that it’s quite challenging to make your space more private, especially if you have a balcony

Most of the time, people who live in apartments do not make the most of their balconies or patio space. Many people would think that living in an apartment or condominium means waking up in the morning and sipping coffee while sitting outside on the balcony of a downtown apartment. However, in reality, other people might be watching you from other buildings or apartments. Some people couldn’t even sit outside as some neighbors were always outside having a loud conversation. 

In dense urban areas, small balconies are quite common. If you live in an apartment and you want to make your balcony a private and relaxing space where you can hang out, you need to make it more private. There are many things that you can do to shield yourself away from curious eyes as you relax on your apartment’s balcony. If you want to learn about this, read on as we’re giving you tips on how you can make your apartment balcony more private.

1. Use balcony curtains.

One of the affordable and effective ways to make your apartment balcony more private is by adding some balcony curtains. You can install these curtains easily with a tension rod or curtain rods. However, it depends on the way your balcony is built. There are also different styles and fabrics to choose from for balcony curtains. 

When choosing one, pick those that have UV-resistant offerings. It is also great if you can find one that dries easily when it gets wet and one that does not easily fade. Of course, the curtain should also look good to make sure it matches the theme of your apartment.

2. Add some plants to your apartment balcony.

pots of flowering plants on a balcony

Adding plants can be the easiest way to make your balcony private. In addition to that, your mental health can also benefit from this. Based on studies, people can feel more concentrated while working if there are plants around them. Research also states that plants can help reduce stress levels. Aside from helping your apartment balcony to become more private, plants can also turn it into a relaxing spot where you can relax or work peacefully. 

If you have a green thumb, you can choose to add living plants. This is also great if you are looking for something to take care of or look after. There are lots of plants for container gardening that you can choose from. However, if you do not have the patience to take care of plants, fake plants might work better for you.

You can also choose to add climbing plants that have long vines and tendrils. These plants can be woven in and out of the balcony railing to make a lush wall. You can either choose to use real plants or fake vines to do this. 

3. Decorate your apartment balcony with lattice screens.

If you are looking for a simple but stylish way to make your apartment balcony more private, you can choose to use lattice screens. These screens feature crisscrossed patterns that are decorative enough to keep your balcony private. The best option is a treated wooden lattice screen, as it is able to withstand the sun and other elements. It can also last longer compared to untreated wood or plastic. You can paint it with whatever color you like to match the style and theme of your apartment. 

4. Add some balcony shutters.

Balcony shutters are something that could add a classic style to your apartment balcony while making it a more private space for you. There are three different styles of balcony shutters, such as fixed shutters, roller shutters, and sliding shutters. 

Fixed shutters can be adjusted to let in the sun and some air while maintaining your privacy. Roller shutters are another great choice as they can keep your balcony dry and safe from the rain. For roller shutters, the aluminum type is the best option as they have rustproof characteristics. Sliding shutters, on the other hand, will allow you to open up your balcony as often as you like. If you love watching the sunrise or sunset, these are the perfect balcony shutters for you. 

5. Install glass screens on your apartment balcony.

You also have the option to use tempered glass to make your apartment balcony more private. This is a type of screen that is installed by a professional. It can be made full screen or half rail. You can also support this with blinds and curtains. 

6. Use bamboo barriers.

If you want to make your apartment balcony more private, you can also choose to use bamboo screens. These have an airy and exotic feel that will make your balcony feel more relaxing. This can also be matched with living bamboo plants. These barriers can be pre-made in stores and are bought in panels or rolls.

7. Use blinds to cover your apartment balcony.

blinds on a window

In addition to providing you some privacy, blinds can also protect your apartment balcony from direct sunlight and heat, which makes it more comfortable. Vertical blinds or shades are the most common kind as they are affordable and easy to install. You can also choose sliding panel blinds that are made of vertical panels of fabric. These come in different colors, patterns, and styles. 

8. Utilize folding screens for privacy.

a folding screen behind a plant

Folding screens originated in ancient China. Before, they were used to prevent a draft in a room and for privacy. Today, its purpose for privacy still applies, and you can use it on your apartment balcony, too. It can be placed on your balcony, and you can remove it whenever you like. Folding screens are made using various materials, such as wood, bamboo, and polyester.

9. Wood pallet fences are also great for balcony privacy.

Pallets are a good material to use for beds, chairs, benches, shelves, and as well as privacy fences. They are pre-built into strong rectangles or squares with little to no assembly needed. These can also be painted with whatever color you want that will match your apartment’s theme.


These are some of the different ways on how you can make your apartment balcony more private. The types and materials you need to use depend on the type or style of the balcony. But it is always better to go for flexible designs. For example, blinds and curtains are often a good choice as these can be rolled up or down. However, if you live in a windy area, using rigid materials like wood is more ideal. We hope this post helped you learn more about making your balcony more private.