Can you customize a sectional?

Home furnishings are always a popular subject when it comes to the spring. This is the time when we traditionally have a ‘spring clean’ and that can also mean out with the old, and in with the new. If you are looking for new furniture for a living room, for example, your options are many. You may want to invest in traditional-style furniture – especially if you have an older style of house – or you could be looking at more modern designs.

Modern living room furniture is surprisingly popular, and especially with younger homeowners who are looking for a clean and simple style. Easy to match and offering looks that are in vogue, you might want to look at the currently popular option of sectional sofas.

While not a new concept, sectionals have come into their own in the last few years with many new brands offering excellent ranges in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and colours. These designs are suitable for small and larger rooms, and you will find them to be versatile and suitable for any décor. In this article we’re looking at what sectionals are and why they have become popular, how much choice you have, and we’ll also talk about customizable sectionals as mentioned in the title.

Let’s start by explaining the concept of the sectional sofa so we can assess why this option is growing in popularity.

What is a Sectional?

Sectional is a name given to a design of sofa that consists of more than one part. Usually they are in two parts, one being perhaps two seats, and the second being just a single seat. As such, they can be positioned in a straight line or in a corner configuration. This versatility makes sectionals a popular choice in smaller apartments where they can be placed to make use of the limited space.

Sectionals come in a variety of designs and fall firmly into the modern school of furniture design. The link above takes you to a typical selection of quality sectional sofas that should give you a good idea of what they are all about. So, why would you choose a sectional over a more traditional type of sofa?

Why Choose a Sectional?

There are many reasons you might want to go down the sectional route, so let’s briefly look at some of the most popular:

  • Many people choose a sectional as they have a smaller room and want the best use of available space.
  • Sectionals are also a popular choice for large living rooms and are often used as a centrepiece of the room.
  • Sectionals can be moved around more easily than a standard 3-seat sofa giving you the option of different room layouts when you want a change.
  • Sectionals are a great addition where you have a family living room and will suit any style.
  • Sectionals are simple, clean, and attractive in overall design and make a great choice for both older and more modern homes.
  • Sectionals are not expensive and are available from some of the most prestigious brands in the modern furniture market.

It may be that you simply want a change to the usual style of sofa, or that you have seen a sectional you like and have your heart set on it. Whatever reason you choose, you’re making a good decision as sectionals can be paired with just about any other style or type of living room furniture. Let’s have a look now at the different choices with sectionals.

Is There Plenty of Choice with Sectionals?

Can you customize a sectional

Among the most mentioned interior design trends for 2022 is the modern sectional sofa, and what makes this type of design so popular is that it can be added to. For example, if you want a three-seat sectional you buy a 2 and 1 combination. If you want 4, you can buy a 2 and 2, or a 2 and 2 x 1 seaters – we hope you understand what we mean here.

If you look back at the range we linked to you’ll see there is literally no end to the choice in terms of how many your sectional will seat. In terms of color, you’ll find most modern furniture is usually in muted natural colors. This is because these are the popular choices right now, but rest assured you will also find many more outlandish options when you start looking. Before we talk about customizing a sectional, let’s have a look at whether it will suit your room.

Will a Sectional Suit My Room?

The major benefit of a sectional sofa is that the very design – simple, clean, elegant, and modern – will look superb in just about any living room setting. Because they tend to lack adornments, they are unlikely to clash with other décor in your room. This makes them a perfect choice for a new build just as much as with an older town house. Look at your room without furniture in it and imagine the sectional in the place you want it, and you’ll know instantly whether this is the design you want to move forward with. Now, back to the question about customizing.

Can You Customize a Sectional?

When it comes to customizing furniture the sectional is an ideal candidate. Because this form of sofa is designed to be simple and stylish, a throw will make a great choice of addition to the sofa itself. You might also want to look at a set of contrasting cushions as a decoration that will give your sectional a personal look. The only thing limiting the ability to customize a sectional is your imagination, so check out interior design magazines and blogs and get some inspiration.


A sectional is ideal for adding your personal customized touch and is a comfortable, attractive, and versatile addition to any living room. Check out the various different ranges now and you will hopefully find one that suits your desires and will add a touch of elegance to your room.