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Best granite color for oak cabinets

If you’ve chosen a yellowish or brown for oak furniture for your kitchen or your bathroom, there are many colors of granite countertops that will complement the cabinets in addition to adding a decorative element to the space. Both granites, dark or light colors look good with brown halftone oak and warm and cool tones with either the mixture or contrast with the furniture.

The white granite countertops are usually a very light shade of gray and have small black spots or dark gray . These counters will make the furniture look a little brown and the white or gray dim yellow tones of the cabinets. A countertop made ​​of white granite is suitable for a kitchen in which you want to place cakes or light colors such as light blue or pink cloths decorative plates clear. The countertops also works well to give a sophisticated yet modest style that is ideal for a decorated in neutral tones, such as a microwave and refrigerator and kitchen white tile floor white.

oak cabinets

Tan or beige
Roasting or beige granite, which is colored with shades of gray, black and brown, can give oak furniture a monochromatic look. Countertops, like cabinets, give the room a sense of warmth; other warm colors could complete the look. For example, panels for red or orange walls are an attractive addition to the space; also look good to paint a stripe in the middle of the wall of a main metallic color like bronze or gold.

The golden tones that have oak cabinets would stand out even more with a gold counter in the bathroom. The golden tones of granite qualifies medium and dark brown, and yellow tones of the furniture will give a rejuvenated and cheerful touch to the room without overwhelming include yellow. You can keep the monochromatic look by adding a butter yellow color on the walls or include a cool color like an emerald or green for area rugs or blankets toilet.

Red, the color of energy, power and love, makes the golden tones of oak cabinets look more intense. Red also simulates the appetite, making it ideal for granite kitchen counter color. Shades of gray, light and dark shades of red and hints of black on the red granite countertops, and the feature that stands out is that they can appear easily serve as the main color of the environment. If you put clear red handles on cabinets oak will help you choose the color of the furniture and make the most notorious cabinets.

Blue and brown are good together because both colors mix cold and warm tones that give you a sense of tranquility and quality environment. The countertops granite blue with gray blue and white make an elegant and serene bathroom without taking away the brightness of the orange oak. The orange and blue are complementary to each other on the color wheel, which makes both make a cute couple shades of warm and cool tones.