Business and residential properties benefit from the best sir walter turf near me

There are many various types of real grass turfs available today, but only a few of them can grow in Australia’s tropical poor environment and remain green, healthy, and soft. Sir Walter buffalo turf near me is a tough natural grass that can withstand any Australian environment while remaining healthy, green, and soft.

You may recall that prior to Sir Walter (SW), Australian Dads favored Buffalo turf because it was sun-resistant and required minimal water. However, you may recall that its continuous expansion meant a long wait until you could play on a fresh lawn (is there anything more frustrating for a child?!) When you finally got out there, the sharp blades scratched you and left you with an itchy rash. Because the buffalo’s inclination to create a thick thatch stopped water from getting the roots of the young grass, or the thatch developed the fungal disease, Dad’s lawn eventually became horribly discolored.

The only authentic grass turf in Australia is Sir Walter turf

Sir Walter turf is the only actual grass turf in Australia with Plant Breeder’s Rights, and it requires a license to cultivate. To determine whether the Sir Walter turf is legitimate, the buyer acquires a certificate of originality from a fully licensed turf farm. The authenticity certificate ensures that the Sir Walter grass you purchase is not only genuine but also of exceptional quality and condition.

This breed was developed and bred in Australia

Brent Redman originally launched Sir Walter grass in the mid-1990s, after it was created and raised in Australia. It quickly established itself as the superior option to its forerunners (Kikuyu and Shademaster) and became Australia’s most preferred lawn solution. Sir Walter turf has a silky feel and a gorgeously green tint when compared to other grass types on the market. It also has natural qualities that allow it to keep its organic green color all year, even on the hottest summer days and the coldest winter days. Thousands of meters have been installed over Australia’s land, and it has proven to be effective against fungi, weeds, and a range of grass problems. It grows well in both direct and indirect sunshine and requires little water and fertilizer to thrive. Some of Sir Walter’s turf’s qualities are as follows:

  • Adaptability to Australia’s severe environment
  • Even in hot summers, severe winters, and torrential rains, the capacity to maintain its green hue and delicate feel throughout the year.
  • The turf is simple to maintain and does not necessitate any special skills.
  • It requires less watering than other types, allowing you to save money on water costs.
  • Fungi, weeds, and other grass issues are resilient by nature.
  • It is a low-maintenance lawn since it requires less fertilizer and mowing.
  • Drought-resistant and robust
  • Grass that is environmentally friendly and self-healing.


Sir Walter is Australia’s most popular lawn solution for residential, commercial, and recreational use. It offers a high level of aesthetic value for both commercial and residential properties, as well as a high level of durability.