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Design ideas for the living room in burnt orange


The burnt orange is darker than the typical orange color, which works with a variety of styles and design ideas tone. It’s easy tone make this the basis of contemporary, retro, bohemian formal or if you combine it with tapestries, furniture and other objects suitable for wall decorationThe burnt orange is a rich hue that looks better on matte painting in bright.

burnt orange

A living room in burnt orange is ideal for creating a contemporary room base. Fill the space with a fine leather sofa, a chair upholstered with a fabric printed (black, burnt orange and red good together) and several dark wood furniture, as it can be a coffee table and some auxiliary modules. The wall art pieces and photographs in black and white framed in wood and stainless steel brown beautifully complement this contemporary space. If your room lacks a good lighting system or incidence of natural light, consider adding an accent wall in white to provide some extra dynamism.


The burnt orange is also ideal for retro space base. The teal and purple are complementary colors that work well in a retro space whose basis is a burnt orange walls, while the silver is ideal for accents. The addition of chrome and plastic parts, some side tables finished in silver and burnt orange, a shaggy carpet of blue-green and a variety of textiles in burnt orange, green blue and red; will make this space, a corner retro but completely sophisticated.

Turn your living room into a formal and elegant space, with burnt orange walls complemented with antique dark wood furniture, a sofa and side chairs upholstered. Variations dark brown, gold and dark blue work very well in the textiles that go to add to this room. Fabrics like cashmere, tweed and checkered Scottish guy in these colors, favor formal and stylish atmosphere.

Bohemian chic
Another way to work with burnt orange walls is creating a totally bohemian but elegant space. Think about the style madras fabrics Indian air for carpets and curtains, as well as a simple linen sofa browning. Add a coffee table and some auxiliary bamboo and teak unify the bohemian character. Place some artwork themed trip to exotic destinations worldwide.