Bedroom Design

How to build a room divider for a bedroom

Many families with several children do not have enough space in the house so that every child has a separate bedroom. If your children share build a room, but would like to have their own separate spaces, consider building a separator of spaces. Place shelves open or other tall furniture pieces is a simple and functional way to divide the room into separate spaces. This solution not only provides privacy but also offers additional storage space.


Rearrange the furniture in the bedroom, dividing it into two different sections. If you divide the room into two spaces for sleeping, place a bed on each side of the room. To divide a bedroom into a sleeping area and a living room, bed located on one side of the room and a comfortable chair on the other side .

build a room

Get two shelves high open. If you have this type of furniture, remove the back of a couple of shelves normal high.

Place the narrow one of the shelving units to the wall, in the middle of the two sections of the bedroom door. Place second shelf in alignment with the first, with at least 12 inches (30.50 cm) of clearance between them. Then you go to place a plywood board as if it were a solid wall in between the two shelves , the more space there is between the two shelves , the longer will be the separator .

Measure the width between the two shelves and the height of the shelves. Cut a plywood board 3/4 inch (9.50 mm) to the height of the shelves and 2 inches (5.10 cm) wider than the space between the shelves.

Paint both sides of the plywood board to match the color of the shelves or in the color scheme in the bedroom decor. To further separate the two sections of the bedroom, paint the wood with each side a different color.

Presents the plywood table horizontally between the two shelving units, superposing the side of the shelves to 1 inch (2.55 cm) on each side. Drill holes through wood and shelves on top and bottom and each 5 inches (12.70 cm) in between.

Insert wood screws 1 1/2 inches (3.80 cm) into the holes to secure the wood to the shelves .

Fill the shelves with books and other items. Hang pictures, posters and other decorations on the table between the plywood shelves. If the separator is in the bedroom of your children, let each child personalize your side of the separator .