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How to build a closet for porcelain

When it’s time to store the porcelain, transform an extra closet kitchen or dining in a closet for porcelain is a project that any homeowner do-it-yourself can be achieved with confidence. In most cases, the cabinets are deeper than cabinets for china, but since this project is a china cabinet, depth depends on the owner. Use wood to complete the decoration of the room naturally or something you dye or paint so that it matches the existing decor.

how to build a closet



Plywood placed 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) thick, 12 by 84 inches (30.48 cm by 2.13 m) in a table work . Measure from one end and make marks to 2 1/4 inches (5.71 cm), 3 inches (7.62 cm), 14 1/4 inches (36.19 cm), 15 inches (38.1 cm), 27 1/4 inches (69.21 cm), 28 inches (71.12 cm), 43 inches (1.09 m), 43 3/4 inches (1.11 m), 56 1/2 inches (1, 43 m), 57 1/4 inches (1.45 m), 69 1/4 inches (1.75 m), 70 (1.77 m) and 83 1/4 inches (2.11 m). Place the square on the marks and draw lines across the wood. These will be the sides of the cabinet for porcelain.

Applying glue to the ends of the plywood 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) thick, 12 by 24 inches (30.48 by 60.96 cm). These are the shelves. Secure them between the lines you drew on the sides and at the top with nails done.
Ensures the plywood pieces 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) thick, 4 by 24 inches (10.16 by 60.96 cm) to the bottom side of the shelf which is in the brand 27 1/4 inches (69.21 cm) and another to the shelf top with nails done. Put some glue on the exposed edges of the side of 3/4 inch (1.91 cm). Plywood placed 1/4 inch (0.64 cm) thick, 25 1/2 81 3/4 inches (64.77 cm by 2.07 m) on the glue and secure it with nails.

Place the sheet metal strip 86 inches (2.18 m) on the edge of 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) from the side that faces up. Heat it with an iron to activate the adhesive and stick the sheet to the front edge. Folding the ends of the corners of the upper and lower breaking plate evenly.

Sand the long edges of the sheet with sanding block to match them with the long edges of the wings. Repeat with the other side and shelves. Then ensures plywood 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) thick, 2 1/4 by 24 inches (5.72 60.96 cm) between the sides and the bottom of the lower shelf with nails to complete.

Plywood placed 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) thick, 25 1/2 81 3/4 inches (64.77 cm by 2.07 m) on the table work . This will be the door. Cover the edges with the metal strip edging the same way as you did before. Measure from the four sides and make two marks per side to two inches (5.08 cm) apart.

Hold the ruler in the marks and draw lines to form a rectangle. Drill a 5/8 inch (15.87 mm) inside the lines on a corner to place the blade of the jigsaw, and cut the rectangle with the saw. Ensures wooden pieces 1/2 by 1/2 inch (1.27 by 1.27 cm), 77 3/4 inches (1.97 m) into the cut with thumbtacks of an inch (2.54 cm). Repeat with the wooden pieces shorter than 1/2 by 1/2 inch (1.27 by 1.27 cm).

Turn the door and put the glass in the cut. Secures flat trim pieces 1 77 3/4 inches (2.54 cm by 2.02 m) on the back of the door for hanging on the glass to 1/2 inch (1.21 cm) apart with the pins of an inch (2.54 cm). Ensures the remaining flat moldings between long pieces in the same way.

Install the hinges on the door with the screws provided. Place one of the hinges to three inches (7.62 cm) from the edges top and bottom, and one in the middle. Install the door to the closet to porcelain.