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Buffalo Grass Seed for Sale Can Give You a Lush Green Grass This Summer

Your puppy loves the soft feel of your neighbor’s grass, and you cannot help but to admire his lawn from afar.  The soft grass that always captures your attention is buffalo grass, and fortunately, even if you do not profess yourself to be a “green thumb,” you can easily plant and enjoy this attractive grass in your own lawn this summer.

Planting buffalo grass seed for sale at premier seed companies such as Bamert is the first step to developing a lawn that is sure to impress visitors during future spring graduation parties and summer barbecues. Buffalo grass is popular in Texas and in other Great Plains states because it provides a lush blue-green lawn that requires little maintenance as well as less fertilizer and water than cool-season turfgrasses do.

This type of warm-season grass does not grow well in highly shady areas, nor is it successful in sandy soils. However, it has a deep root system and requires low amounts of water, which makes it highly drought-resistant. You can prevent the grass from becoming dormant by irrigating it monthly during the summer season.

Planting grass seed involves multiple steps, including removing vegetation from the planting area and using a rotary till to ensure that your seeds are planted deeply. A phosphorus- and nitrogen-containing starter fertilizer allows the seedlings’ roots to develop efficiently as well. The best time to plant your buffalo grass seed is in late spring when the soil temperatures are about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which will give you a full lawn by September—right in time for Labor Day.

Weed control often is the most difficult aspect of planting buffalo grass, so extra attention should be given to removing weeds when trying to establish a buffalo grass lawn. By taking advantage of buffalo grass seed for sale this spring, you can enjoy a brand new, easy-to-maintain lawn that will give your home or business brand new curb appeal this year. Click here for more information.