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Furniture when look good with brown walls

The brown color is a perfect base for any room. On the walls, the versatile brown can be combined with a variety of styles and colors of furniture, to optimize the appearance, functionality and design of the room. For example , a traditional setting with classic details also shine with classic furniture, as of the time of Queen Anne or Victorian, in similar colors or complementary . The complementary colors bolder combined with natural wood will give a more rustic and casual look. Modern styles are simpler and reflect the monochromatic tones and furniture with geometric shapes and aerodynamic designs. When you must choose the furniture, consider the type of decoration in addition to color. brown walls Color Palettes The styles of decoration for the interior of the house are divided into three basic categories: form, style and color. The shape and style are directly related and reflect the overall design and function of furniture. For example , brown living room where family members rest after a busy day, requires comfortable and soft furniture. The rigid parts of the old Art Deco or Victorian decor are not recommended for this type of environment. Relates how the size and comfort and indicates the role of the cabinet, while the style refers to the architectural style and decoration purposes. Color is extremely important. While brown is versatile, other colors can highlight or oppose the overall decor of the room. Analogous colors, or those who are found together in the color palette, such as brown, dark orange and yellow intermediate, are more suitable for informal styles of decoration, such as house or craft. The complementary colors , or occupying opposite sites in the color palette, are suitable for more fanciful, Rustic, Art Deco or Victorian decorations. The monochromatic colors, which means varying shades of the same color, are common in classic and contemporary designs.   Classic, traditional style The dark brown walls are sophisticated and elegant by nature. To highlight this effect in a traditional house, you should choose furniture based on the architectural foundation of the house. For example , a room with brown walls and trim or moldings with ovals and darts in white are typical classic details of Greek Revival and Victorian architecture. The dark wood furniture, with rounded legs and claw and Ionic columns express the elegance of the architecture. The Neo-Greek styles more suitable for upholstery in monochromatic colors like white, gold and light brown furniture. Victorian architecture is more elaborate and colorful, so the complementary colors , like blue, red and brown tones in vivid designs are more suitable. , Common in the early twentieth century, Craftsman style decorating using similar palettes, as shades of olive green, brown and yellow, combined with dark oak. Lodge or rustic Especially the style of furniture, a room with brown walls may look like a cottage or rustic retreat of a craftsman. Both styles are inclined padded and comfortable furniture invite visitors to relax. The color palettes vary greatly from one to another. The country house style is cool, clear, pink and yellow pastel green. The slightly textured upholstery, fabrics and flowery designs. As background, the brown walls create an atmosphere of instantaneous rest. A rustic style also promotes relaxation and has natural tones, but uses bold colors like red, black, blue and white. Scottish or furniture with natural wood tables and plush cushions create a casual and welcoming atmosphere. Contemporary Style Contemporary or modern furniture, have a neat and simple streamlined attractive furniture for a simple environment. Unlike the Victorian and Art Deco styles, contemporary eliminate much of the decorations and emphasize functionality. These designs typically use monochromatic or analogous colors. In a brown room furniture with neat and straight legs and upholstered in white or light gray create a clean and fresh look. To add some color, choose accessories such as cushions, in a lime green or mustard.