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Bright white and green hall

Combining green and white, we will decorate the entrance of the house . Do not miss this work on how to decorate a bright hall in white and green. Since Decogarden we propose some simple ideas to breathe new life into the hall. This is paint the walls green and white doors in order to achieve that space is brighter . In addition, we will also put wooden boxes on the wall to give a personal and original touch. In this way we will achieve a bright hall in white and green. Here we show you step by step.


Step by step to decorate a hall

Step 1
we find a hall that is characterized by the number of doors you have and by the dim light. To begin to change this decoration, the first step is to empty the entire hall.

Step 2
To give more light to the room, we start with the doors of the hall. We are going to paint with a white enamel. But before painting, will sandpaper, apply a coat of primer or sealer, gently and finally we will sandpaper the enamel.

Step 3
In the case of the wall, we will paint in gray-green color. we must push harder than normal paint roller to penetrate well.

Step 4
The next step is to decorate pieces that give a little volume and personality to the entrance of the house. In our case we will use a okume plywood boxes and start painting them.

Step 5
Once we dry boxes, will transfer different letters and patterns on the surface of these. To do this, we will turn it over to the photocopy, a cloth soaked with solvent and pressed on the sheet. Thus, the drawing will be passed to the surface.

Step 6
To give a more original finish and a more aged appearance , will use some of bitumen mixed with solvent. Gradually apply it with a rag and so the decoration of the boxes will be much more natural.

Step 7
Finally, to fix the boxes to the wall will use a simple screws. We will also place other decorative elements such as tables and a mirror.