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House of bright colors

This image is of a wooden house in Amelia Island, Florida, USA, painted strong and strident colors. Area in North America that can be seen outside many houses painted purple, black matte, green parrot and so on. To further information and to see images of paintings of houses follow this link, you will find a list of relevant postings for review. If you want to see American houses follow this other link.

House of bright colors
Image of a wooden house with bright colors.Compare with a lilac home , in another country. Also a purple facade in Buenos Aires.

House of bright colors

For information on professional painting and palette can view the information online in another posting that will take you to the catalog of tones . The qualities of the paintings are much better and both tones covering power as they increase the possibilities to decorate and protect the walls exterior. It is valuable to be informed and choose quality as what today can cost more, tomorrow will be offset by the durability and shine.

House painters. How to paint like a professional painter .
Step One: Choose the right type of paint . The first step to achieve the perfect finish is to select the right kind of paint for the job. There are some paints that are most frequently used, such as latex (water-based paints). The water-based paints can be a good choice as they dry quickly and do not contain harmful gases found in other types of paintings. These paintings are also less prone to wear, turn yellow or letting moisture pass. This may sound good, but oil painting, also called alkyd paint, it is often a better choice because of its longevity. Unless you have a good experience with DIY painting and decorating, the oil-based paints are best left in the hands of professionals, as they can be much more difficult to implement correctly.

Step Two: Choose the right paint finish .
Most paints for houses sold in several finishes. These include matte (non-glossy) finish eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss paint. The matte paintings are more likely to be affected by mold, as the finish has more pores than a semi gloss or high gloss. Notwithstanding the imperfections are hidden by the matte paintings that do best high gloss paints because they reflect less light. Satin finish paints are a very popular choice because of its durability combined with a smooth finish that exudes warmth and class.

Step Three: First clean and then paint.
Before starting to paint the room, make sure you have fully prepared the work area. You must remove anything that can be removed, for example making boards or light covers. Then wash the walls thoroughly to remove any dust or debris. The next step is to tape the edges of the walls of the walls, making sure to cover any surface not to be painted. If there are any holes, use a filling compound to repair. Prime the paint surface if necessary. The cleaning process is often omitted step in the work of painting and decoration, however, is the step that gives you that ultra professional appearance.

Step Four: Use the right tools to apply the correct paint and evenly.
When it finally comes time to apply the paint, make sure you use the right tools for the job. You will need to use brushes and rollers for painting, or even a spray along with other tools to do the job. To get a truly professional finish, be sure to be methodical, patient and even apply some layers or hands. Get the job of cutting edges with tape or paper before applying the paint with a roller. These tips can help you paint like professional house painters in every project we undertake. Spend some extra time in the project and finish of your walls will look amazing.