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How to build a brick fireplace for cooking

Build a fireplace to the kitchen you can cook anything you want. The chimney stoves are used in developing countries as an effective method to cook and clean. They provide a lot of heat but little smoke and use only 1/4 to 1/3 wood as a traditional bonfire. Kitchens brick stoves work well for patios or camping. Build a portable fireplace stove using bricks. If you choose to build a permanent structure, you can use bricks refractory mortar cement.


How to build a brick fireplace


Cut out a full refractory brick in half using a chisel and hammer. Place the chisel in half brick and hit one end with a hammer. Part brick in half, making two smaller blocks of equal size.

Place the brick split in the center of a clean, flat surface. Place two full bricks on each side, so that the long sides touching. At the top, a full brick placed on the left side and one of the divided blocks on the right, leaving the sides are touching each other and also with the first bricks. This is the first layer of the brick fireplace.
Start with the second layer of bricks to put a half brick in the upper left corner. Place a full brick on the top right, so that the ends match. The bricks should be opposite to the layer below them so that the joints do not coincide. Place full bricks on the left and right just about complete bricks under them. These joints must match.

Bricks placed between the first and second layers as necessary, pushing the edges together so that they touch and no imperfections.

It begins with the third layer of bricks to place a full brick on the opening for an end is resting on the tip of the left brick, across the opening made by brick split and resting mostly on the right brick. Place the next brick to the left of the brick, to match the full brick below it in the second layer. Continue working on the third layer, placing two more bricks to complete the square.

A fourth layer constructed the same way, but by placing the bricks in a way that the joints do not coincide with the joints of the lower layer.

Fold the sheet metal with pliers, about two inches (5 cm) by the two parallel sides. Place the piece of metal to make it two-thirds of the way brick fireplace.

Place a full brick opening, next to the piece of metal, and then place the wood in the kitchen. Light a fire, feeding it until it burns wood and coal remain as.

Place four pebbles on top of the brick chimney near the opening. Place a cooking pot on the four pebbles, which provides ventilation for the fire under the pot and lift on the opening for optimum heating and cooking.