Break and Enter: Criminal Code In Canada & Punishments

The break and enter criminal code is related to the defense of the right of property and any nation’s Criminal Law. It means when someone is accused of stealing or doing something illegal on property. Stealing property is one of the most common forms of incidents in this connection.

When people face police investigation or some legal matter, they fall into great tension and suffer most of the time being processed in the inquiry. From, you can know the breaking and enter criminal code,which can help youreduce the tension during the investigation.

At the same time, people can take help of an experienced lawyer. They will take all responsibilities on behave of you. To know more, continue reading.

All About Break and Enter Criminal Code:

Have you even charged for breaking and entering the criminal code? If yes, you might face harassment not to know the correct code in this term. So, it is the most prime duty to know them all in detail for future uses.

The incident that people break code

  • Any person who enters any premises or staying in any place for doing crime intentionally is considered a crime. For this type of crime, s/he will be punished for custody of 10 years.
  • Any person who enters a premise or staying there and does crime unintentionally is called a crime. And doing this type of crime, a person can be punished for custody of 14 years.
  • If the offender somehow enters the premise and does a crime, s/he can be imprisonment for a lifetime.

These are the most common incident that a person is charged with. However,now it is time to know them in detail. Let’s move forward.

Intentionally entering premises

It is the least serious crime among the above three crimes. When a person enters into a premise for committing a crime. In this matter, the house owner or any person can charge you for doing this.

The person can be charged whether you did the crime or not. For doing this type of crime, s/he can be punished at most 10 years imprisonment.

Enter into the premises and does a crime

It is a more severe crime than the previous one. When a person enters into a house or building or someone’s property without permission for doing a crime. A person can be punished for at most 14 years imprisonment for the incident.

Forcefully Enter and Committed a Crime

This is the most serious crime among them. When a person forcefully breaks and enters a building or somewhere without permission, s/he can be charged with life imprisonment. While entering the building, he might break the internal or external part of the building. This is considered one of the most serious crimes. Breaking windows, doors, and locking systems is included under this.

Braking and entering are one type of indictable crime which are dealt with in the magistrate or district court. The types of punishment are determined based on the types of and the degree of losses that occurred in the premises or property.

What is the punishment for breaking the criminal code in Canada?

The types of punishment vary from country to country, even region to region. But, it has some common features like imprisonment or fine a large amount of money. In some cases, both imprisonment and fine are charged for committing this crime.

  • Imprisonment
  • Intensive Corrections Order
  • Probation
  • Community Service Order
  • Recognizance

The degree of punishment depends on the types of crime and the seriousness of the property. On the other hand, it depends on the background of the defended along with his damage to the property.

Available option for the defenders

  • Threat
  • Need
  • Alcoholism
  • An honest claim of right to be in the property
  • The seal of the property was not broken
  • The person did not enter the property
  • The person was given consent to enter the property

These are the most common form of options for the defenders.

What should you do when a police officer charges you?

You should remain silent. When a police officer asks you about yourself, give him all information about you like name, profession, address, and everything. And don’t give any statement or interview with the police officer;instead, say to him that my lawyer will deal with this issue. And you have the right to talk with your friend or relative even you can phone them whenever you want.

FAQs to know

1. What do breaking and entering mean?

Ans: It means forcefully or illegally enter into someone’s building or property.

2. What is the sentence for breaking and entering?

Ans: It depends on the type and degree of crime. From 10 years to maximum life-imprisonment is given this connection.


Breaking and entering into a house is a type of crime. When it happens, the degree of punishment depends on the degree of crime. Both offender and defender have some right in this connection. They both should take the help of a layer to ensure proper judgment and free from harassment.