Bedroom Design

Blue bedrooms of marriage and white

The combination of blue and white always brings a fresh touch to any room. Then we will see an example to decorate a bedroom with these colors. We have a master bedroom that will decorate using colors like blue and white. The aim is to create a sweet room with fresh fabrics and simple furnishings, a bedroom where peace and tranquility breathe. As a central element of the blue bedrooms, a headboard with pieces of cedar . Here we show you step by step how to decorate the bedroom of blue and white marriage.


Step by step to decorate a bedroom of marriage blue and white

Step 1
The stay this time we do not have any decoration. It has a bed, a small chest of drawers and little else. We’re going to empty to begin painting.

Step 2
begin this bedroom transformation of painting the walls to give some joy to stay. We will use a range of colors in blue . For the header wall darker hue, and the rest in a clearer.

Step 3
Then, with cedar planks will be of a piece of the main wall, creating an original and beautiful headboard. The first is to cut the pieces to the same size, which in this case will be two meters.

Step 4
The next step is to sand the entire surface of each table. In this way we will achieve a better finish and the result will be perfect.

Step 5
Next, apply a wood protector. In particular it will be a varnish silky effect. It will give an aspect of woodwork but not very bright. That is, a discreet but very nice effect.

Step 6
Once the boards have dried, place them face down, and the back will set tables using some screws. In this way, we will make all parts are attached.

Step 7
To give a different touch to the header, let’s put him in the top of a simple shelf of the same wood. To do this, we measure well the points that will go the shelf, and we will set out the back of the headboard using screws.

Step 8
Let’s finish this new decor with simple accessories: tables, wardrobe, mirror, lamp, new bedding, etc. So, we get a new master bedroom in blue and white with a much more modern, fresh and cheerful air.