Living Room Furniture

Styles living rooms for a black sofa

A black sofa can serve as the focal point of a living room, giving the space a dramatic touch. When using a black sofa as the point center of a room, be sure to choose colors, accessories, textures and overall style or theme to highlight their appearance. You can choose a retro style for the room; do a modern or traditional style or choose a new approach.

Contemporary and Modern

The contemporary style interior designs are simple and elegant, especially in neutral colors and low modular furniture. A living room decorated with contemporary style has a spacious and minimalist design, without accessories or heavy ornaments. While contemporary styles use neutral colors like cream, white and beige decor, bold colors can add an accent to an area of ​​the room. A dramatic black sofa can add an interesting contrast to lighter shades decorated room. The chrome, glass and polished stone work well in a modern or contemporary room design and combine well with an elegant black leather sofa.

black sofa


A black sofa can work well in a design style inside nostalgic or retro. For example, a black sofa can go well in a retro style design 1970 with cushions in bright like orange, purple or red. A black sectional sofa can be added to a room decorated in 1960 or 1970.
Combining colors

Black sofas provide varied options for additional colors in the room. You can keep the neutral color palette and use a shade of white for the walls and touches in the room. Bright colors, like red, can also accentuate a black couch. Use red accessories like pillows or a blanket in the back of the sofa.



The coffee tables glass and chrome lamps with geometric shapes and recessed lights go well with the contemporary style of a black couch. Keep small accessories to a minimum in decorating a modern room and select in place large vases and plants to decorate the living room.