Big day savings: Link round-up on how to save on your wedding

This week our main topic is going to be how you can save money on your wedding day.

This is going to be a hot topic for as long as the world spins round and over the last few weeks, several interesting links have hit our inbox.

We’ll now take a look at some of these and as a side note, if you have any suggestions for a future link round-up, please drop us a note.

The very best DIY wedding creations

You’ve probably done plenty of research about cutting costs, and we’re pretty sure that the term ‘DIY’ has come up time and time again. There’s a good reason for this it can save you huge amounts of cash.

This article from Buzzfeed takes no fewer than 37 different ideas. It covers everything from centerpieces to ribbons for your chairs, ideas to cover chairs and is an excellent starting point for those of you who are considering making this sort of stuff yourself, but don’t know where to start.

A guide to making your own confetti

In some ways this next link just piggybacks off the above. Sure, confetti might be a very small element of your wedding but the thing is, there are a lot of these so-called small elements. By taking matters into your own hands, through the help of this guide, you can slash costs.

Our personal success with Avas Flowers

Another area where you can hemorrhage money is through a florist but it will not happen if you tap a trusted provider of flower garland in Melbourne. Put simply: don’t hire those florists who are only after money without ensuring great service. Instead, we bought flowers from Avas Flowers and arranged everything ourselves. The quality was amazing, and we immediately eliminated the cost of someone coming in to organize them. Take a look at the Avas Flowers website over here.

The most (and least) affordable wedding dates

Sometimes, it’s not about DIY, but more about the major details. The date is one of these and unfortunately, a Saturday in the summer months is an incredibly popular date. This link just looks at some of the cheaper alternatives, so you can start your wedding planning journey on a sound financial footing.