Betting Strategies from ELK: Innovative Gambling

Most of the casino game providers offer innovative ways for players to bet and see increased chances of wins. However, these are less pronounced and not so transparent when you open up the different slot games in the best mobile casinos. However, ELK studios introduced betting strategies on their official website as a way for players to bet on their different games. It can be defined as predefined betting patterns. These automatically change the bet levels as per certain rules. Hence, if you opt for a certain strategy, you can bet in a set pattern to see win combinations and payouts occur in certain ways.

What Are the Betting Strategies of ELK?

It acts as an additional feature that can apply to their different slot games.

  • Gamblers get the choice from four kinds of betting strategies.

  • It also works on the auto spin mechanism.

  • There are in-game options in the slots that you can choose before you start to place your bets.

  • Bet size changes as per certain conditions.

  • There are twelve levels of bets to choose from which vary between 0.2 to 100 credits and are common for all their slot games.

The Different Strategies

These are four distinct ways to place bets. The instances are the following:


Here you set a certain percentage of your wins or credit balance to be bet on the spins. You can choose the percentage that would vary between 1, 2, 5 and maximum of 10. You get to stake amount closest to bet level allowed for the game. Here the betting strategy changes automatically and adapts to the percentage of balance you select. This adapts as per playing style. For beginners, it is best to choose from 1% to 2% while for high rollers it is from 5% to 10%. Once a percentage is selected, optimiser adjusts bet up or down as per the selected percentage. The strategy is active on the lowest wagering limit.


Here you raise the bet level on 2 when you suffer 5 losses consecutively. A player then gets to raise bet levels till there is a win. The one can again repeat from the start.

This is a formula that works on negative progression. When you lose in five consecutive spins, it helps to increase the bet by 2 levels. The pattern applies to bets when you lose. When you hit upon a win, the wager resets to the initial value. Hence, if you started with €0.2, with repetitive losses, it could go up to 10 times the base amount of wager. Once you get a win, the wager amount resets.


Here you raise bet levels on 1 after a losing spin. This can be done up to 4 times the normal bet amount till first win. Once there is a win the starting bet resets.

This is another instance of using negative progression as a betting strategy. It helps you raise your stake one step after every spin you lose. This can reach 4 levels above the original bet amount and can go up to a maximum of ten times the original bet amount. Also, if you get a win, the bet amount is reset to base level.


Here bet levels rise on 1 after wins occur. This goes on till one reaches 4 times the starting bet amount. You can then reset once there is a loss.

For instance, if you started with €0.2 as the base bet, you could increase the same after every round you win. The bet increases to the next level and can go on till you reach 4 levels above the base. For instance, it could be ten times the base bet or €2. This would go on until one faces a loss. The game resets when one encounters a loss.

The betting strategies help players decide how they wish to wager, increase or decrease the same consequent to wins and losses. With these predefined formulas, it becomes easy to set the spins on a slot game of the company. Furthermore, one can also combine the same with autoplay. That would help one to see wagers being placed on the lines as per wins or loses that occurs. These, combined with a set number of spins on Autoplay will determine the outcome in a certain slot game.

How to Use These Formulations for Bets?

How to Use These Formulations for Bets

When we play slot machines, especially with real money wagers, you can set bets as per playing style and budget. In the absence of set formulations, players usually need to plan and change their wagers as per the wins they find and to explore lucrative aspects of the different features. In general, some people like to go with high stakes while others go with lower ones. Often, when one bets at random, they might overshoot their budget or not be able to make the most of the spins and the win outcomes they provide.

That is where the benefit of these set formulations comes in. With a set number of wagers as per wins or loses, you can control the money you spend on betting on a certain slot. With the set formulations, it is easier to manage bankroll of a player.

  • The formulation is as per playing preferences of different people. Some like to increase their bets while winning, while others like to continue even with losses. However, with any formula you use of ELK Studio, your wagers will not increase beyond a certain level.

  • In most of the formulations, the wagers reset once they have reached 4 levels above the original bet amount or ten times the original wager.

  • Booster and leveller are strategies that help increase the bet when you have losses. The booster helps in an aggressive manner. The optimiser can help level the bet amount as per the kind of percentage you wish to increase or decrease it. Jumper helps you increase your wagers to make the most of your winning streak.

  • Strategies based on negative or positive progression are common in other gambling games as well. However, formulating the same for slot wagers can be time-consuming, especially if you have to plan your bets after every spin. However, with a set strategy in place, you could be making the most of your wagers on a slot game than you would with manual bets.

ELK Games Incorporate These Formulae

ELK Studios is a dedicated provider in mobile gaming and online casino games. After the launch of the betting strategies, it is a set feature in most of their games. Players would be able to apply any of these betting approaches at the time of setting their wagers on the games. Latest and upcoming games of ELK Studio are as follows:

Diablo Reels

This slot machine is designed on the Day of Dead theme, set to release in Aug 2020. With high definition visuals and animation effects, it includes interesting features as well. It spins across 10 active paylines and has a 3×3 format. The RTP here is 96.3% with medium to high volatility. Top payouts can be 2500x the total stake amount. With the right kind of wagering formulation, one can enjoy the free spins, re-spins and wild symbols with multipliers.

Dream Zone

This title has gemstones and glittering crystals as symbols on a typical arcade-style slot machine setup. The setup is of 5×5 and wins are created by the Cluster Pays mechanism. A jackpot here is 2500x the stake amount with RTP of 96%. There are other interesting features in this July slot that include modifiers, Dream Drops, multipliers and Cascading Reels. To see optimum wins here, you can opt for one of the betting mechanisms before you place wagers. For instance, with the Optimizer, you can set the percentage up to which you can increase or decrease bets as per wins or losses on the different spins. Try your hand at this slot at any of the ELK casinos where it is a recent release in July.


This title has a space theme, similar in its layout design features and gameplay such as in Cygnus. The game does come with high volatility but can provide top payouts of 5000x the bet amount. It also incorporates about 4096 Betways spinning technology which can extend up to 262,144 ways of winning. There are several cool features to enjoy here, such as wild forge with multipliers, charged wilds, wild and bonus symbols. RTP is 96%, and you could opt for any of the set betting formulations. That would ensure that your wagers are set within a limit that would control your budget for the same.

About ELK Studios

This software provider started its operations in 2012 and is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. It has a small number of casino games that are of high quality and incorporate novel features. All their software abides by the RNG principles to guarantee performance and fairness. With the advanced technology of mobile gaming and statistical models, they ensure that players can optimize their gameplay here as well as enjoy the top-notch games.