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Best wood for outdoor furniture

The natural resistance to decay and insects makes some types of wood are particularly suitable for use in outdoor furniture and other outdoor structures. Unfortunately for lovers of wooden maple, natural resistance is not a feature, it is a wood that lasts is an excellent choice for the construction of other furniture. It is best wood for outdoor furniture and leave the maple for the interior.

Resistance to physical deterioration
Some tree species have physical adaptations that help stop decay. In some woods and structures called tyloses, you help maintain the timber dry, and consequently, to decrease the progression of decay. Tyloses are membranes that develop within the vascular structure of the wood , as it dies and becomes a timber of heart . These membranes block vessels in the wood , so they are waterproof. As a rot-producing bacteria prefer a moist environment, they are less likely to thrive in the wood of the heart where there is presence of tyloses. Again, the maple is not a species in which tyloses help increase their resistance to deterioration.

Best wood for outdoor furniture
Good wood for exterior

Many woods are much more suitable than maple for outdoor furniture. Cedar and redwood are well known for their resistance to decay, and white oak is a good wood for outdoor furniture because of its natural water resistance. The old cypresses are also resistant to putrefaction and insects, although harvest wood is a controversial environmental issue. The black locust, by contrast, is a fast growing species that is naturally resistant to pests. Among the exotic species, teak and eucalyptus can handle these elements well.

Best uses for maple
Maple is a wood with a fine grain attractive. It is dense and durable, and looks good. Its light color is attractive in itself, but the wood stains well and can be colored to resemble the woods dark, such as walnut and cherry. Because of these characteristics, the Maple is a good choice for indoor furniture that need to be tough, but relatively cheap.