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The best type of paint to use on concrete

The best type of paint to use on concrete depends mainly on the type of concrete surface you want to paint. The stairs or concrete floor require deferent type of paint that a retaining wall and garage floors show challenges. Your options include epoxies, dyeing concrete paints oil-based or water and common paint inside. Choose the best type of paint for the job will ensure long-term performance.

best type of paint

Use the right paint as the surface
The previously painted concrete needs to be stripped of loose or peeling paint before repainting. If the current paint is oil-based, you must repaint with oil based paint made for concrete. The paint will have good adhesion to water-based paint sobe oil. Some types are very porous concrete, with cracks and effectively degraded to make paint. To bring beauty and some protection for much less cost than coated with concrete, dye concrete considered. As wood dyes, penetrates the surface will not peel and adds color. The concrete walls, both interior and exterior, can usually be painted with regular paint, provided they are in good shape.

Concrete floors
Concrete floors suffer a lot of wear. Are available paints for concrete floors, water-based, but usually not cling well to the floors that receive heavy use. One option best is a oil based paint or epoxy. Of the two, the epoxy is more durable, but is also the most expensive and difficult to implement. The solvent based epoxies are difficult to work, and often have to be ordered in a shop paint pro. This is the specific type of paint used in industrial facilities. The paintings water-based epoxy are available in paint stores and home and are easier to use. If applied properly, are durable enough for domestic flooring, including garages. Many paints for floors have a thin sandy texture added to control the friction or you can get a product like Skid-Tex (see Resources) to add to the painting.

Preparation is the key
The concrete walls and other architectural elements usually do not need any special preparation before painting. Just make sure they are clean. Most paintings based quality indoor and outdoor water are formulated to be used in building materials , including concrete. Check the label to be sure. The first coat should be diluted with about a pint (500 cc) of water per gallon (5 L). Apply one or two coats of undiluted on the first layer (two layers preferably for outdoor application). The oil-based paint can be applied in almost the same way, the first layer diluted with mineral spirits. The smooth poured concrete floors (common in garages) should be degreased and cleaned with muriatic acid before painting. This gives porosity to the surface and allowing the paint to adhere. Skip this step, particularly with new flooring, could result in an extended scaling in one or two years. Concrete floors that are several years old or have been exposed to elements, may not require acid treatment before painting. Since there are many different formulas of paint for concrete, epoxies and dyes, see the product label for recommendations.