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Best projects of interior design

“The House, which is one and three, values diversity and uniqueness of the extended family that inhabits it, skillfully combining life shared around a courtyard with the intimacy that provide spaces that extend and appropriate outside. The constructive simplicity joins forces with the limited means available without renouncing its expressiveness and assumes the passage of time as a strategy to merge the set with a changing rural landscape.”

“By having returned to an obsolete industrial complex their ability to accommodate multiple urban activities, in an austere way, clear and content media with suggestive and friendly results with the values of the building.”

Best projects of interior design

“The opening of a new playground is revealed as architectural effective mechanism to provide life and light to an old deep and dark configuration utility, generates interesting visual relationships between concatenated spaces and appreciates the rich ambiguity of intermediate spaces in which simple materials have been used with great finesse.”

“Accepting a complicated prior reality, the project intervenes in a building unfinished to adapting it to a more appropriate scale and through a careful study of the routes and a subtle use of colour and lighting supports the muse graphic  discourse and obtained an exhibition space in accordance with the collection that houses.”

“A delicate and precise speech, made on a local copy, classic, which not only not mutilate him if not reinforcing that had and complete something that was perhaps missing that now manifests itself with a formal result consistent and elegant, a successful needs new interpretation.”

natural environment

“A simple gesture meets the project, creates a channel of content, a journey of reading about the history of the building is inserted where this intervention of great rigor and sensitivity, while the rival space, scale or matter constituting the place. The subtlety and elegance of the “skin” that wears all infrastructure introduce subtle contrasts of materials, textures and light that put in value the overall perspective of the building.”

“The critical attitude with the requested program becomes an opportunity to release the archaeological map and create a new public space that allows travels in the shade. A top-level platform offers visitors a new vision of the temple. All this is solved with sobriety in his architectural language and its materiality.”

“An intervention that speaks simultaneously of strength and fragility, has the ability to update the sparse ruins of a Roman House to repay him, through a very measured action, its foundational origin: the relationship of domination over the landscape where it is located.”

“For the contribution to the urban improvement of the landscape from the front of the Ripoll river and its ability to transform an urban vacuum with a place downtown, useful and dynamic, using a rigorous and bold language, of an enduring materiality, and offering new proposals of pedestrian mobility within the village.”

“Careful work collecting different stocks and requirements, to achieve a unifying language of continuity on the tour and at the same time a transverse communication city – sea of subtly where pavement materials become the protagonists.”

“The project uses and adapts with wit technologies and mobile structures of agricultural use to achieve a flexible public space where there used to be a hard field allowing the user to its exploration and transformation.”

“On the periphery of the city, outside the urban and built-up town in an area agricultural cut for road infrastructure, this ephemeral construction recreates a paradoxical dialogue between the ideas of estate / building and construction with nature / preservation and sustainability.” The “natural” formalization of the material of construction, provides scale at the same time as proportion and implementing intervention transforms a distinctive landscape element capable of provoking debate among those who contemplate it.”

“A mounting which offers two readings at the time of exposure, and does so from space, with a strict and precise scene appropriate to the objectives that they wanted to achieve, and a balanced choice of resources.”

“A mounting radical, simple and clear to expose a material of intangible value that helps memory, remembrance and recognition of a life and work, with a precise route and do so by proposing an atmosphere intimate and appropriating rightly exhibition space.”

“Challenge of the small dimensions of the part to expose in the large container, the use of the material minimums and light make up the actual exhibition spaces, focusing the attention on their own element to expose.”

“A reflection of how technology enables to combine the available resource maintaining the current conception of Economics and sustainability.” Through the light as a construction element of space produced powerful images of great impact, making architecture a constructor element of contemporary narratives often associated with marketing and advertising.”