Best online courses to get a job in Australia

The increase in skilled people creates a dip in opportunities. But in this era of technology, there are lots of ways to build the best career. Almost all kinds of courses like lean and six-sigma technology, logistics, data science need well-skilled persons. In Australia, there are lots of online platforms that provide training classes and placements. But a majority of people are not aware of these kinds of career options. Through this article, we are trying to introduce the top best online courses to those people who want to know more about these types of programs.

Lean and six-sigma technologies

Lean methodology is the process of reducing or eliminating unwanted activities. It emphasises taking the value-added steps and lessens the process cycle time. And it ensures high customer satisfaction. Six-sigma methodology is a problem-solving methodology using data. It performs continuous process improvement with low defects, and it provides higher customer satisfaction. Lean six-sigma, which integrates this technology, is a fact-based, data-driven theory of improvement that values defect prevention over defect detection. There are so many online platforms that provide online classes on this course.

Web designing

Web design is a career that involves website planning, construction and maintenance. Web Design is an ability or a skill, including graphic design, interface design, coding, UX design. Web design learning is a continuous process, but it can be accessed for a small duration through an online platform. It is a perfect job for those who have high creativity.

VFX And character animation degree

It is another type of job, which requires highly creative skills. The significant opportunity of VFX and animation making is in the gaming industry. And also, this technique is used in making films and animation movies.


In this technology era, all kinds of work and processes, especially money transactions, are done through the internet. Because of the increase in such activities, cyber-attacks are increasing. For protecting the internet space, it is mandatory to limit theft, cyberattacks, and unexpected ransomware. So cybersecurity jobs are a much-in-demand career now. You can access cybersecurity courses on the online platform for free.

Logistic and supply chain management

As an island nation, logistics plays a vital part in Australia’s economy. Logistics and supply chain professionals have to integrate and combine all the steps necessary to access the right product to the right consumer at the right moment. This career demands better quantitative analytical skills and good mathematical skills. The most luxurious jobs after completing the course are demand planning analyst, procurement manager, supply chain consultant, and distribution centre supervisor. The main areas of this course are manufacturing, inventory, distribution, customer relation, production management, and warehouse management.

Data science and big data engineering

Data science is a concept to integrate statistics, analytics, information technology and associated methodologies to understand and evaluate actual occurrences with data. The program consists of Data Science training, including advanced statistics in python, deep learning and machine learning. You will also get practice in debunking commands and common misconceptions from the pool of data. The main areas for a data scientist job are in industrial areas like pharmaceutical, oil and energy and marketing.

Big Data is a vast collection of data that is systematically analysed and used for data gathering. With the increased use of online transactions, a company can acquire knowledge about the customer and needs using this technology.

Data analyst

A data analyst has to extract the required data from an unstructured data collection by applying proper statistical methodologies and logical thinking. It helps a company in advertising and marketing its product. So it is a most wanted job, and it helps to know the current trends in the consuming world.

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