When it comes to making your home a comfortable living space, you shouldn’t just settle for what’s available. Don’t limit the potential of your living space. Having custom-made furniture gives you the power to maximize your space and co-create pieces that perfectly fit your taste as well as the size of your place.

Here’s a list of even better reasons why you should definitely get your furniture made:

 1) UNEQUALED STYLE – Having furniture that’s made specifically for you makes your space unique and personal. A customized furniture also gives you the upper hand to be the only homeowner with that certain piece. Plus, you get a sense of exclusivity and fulfillment knowing that you co-designed the furniture. Whether it’s a comfortable couch the whole family could spend Saturday afternoons in or a simple bachelor’s chair that sits perfectly in the study, any design you have in mind can be made possible by custom furniture makers.

2) ENVISION – Since working with furniture designers allows you to co-design the pieces, they can show you a 3D graphic of the furniture, so you can have a glimpse of how they would look before they even come to life. You can see how perfectly the furniture fits into your space and you can even ask for revisions of the design. 3D technology makes it convenient to spot areas of the design that you wish to change or remove. In terms of form, material, or color, you have the freedom to see and decide what’s best.

3) FUNCTIONALITY – We put the “fun” in functional. Wouldn’t it be fun if your furniture is surprisingly multi-functional? For smaller condo-units or apartments, it’s all about maximizing limited spaces. A mid century sofa bed is good enough furniture if you have guests over. A pull-out couch that doubles as a bed, a movable cabinet that fits under the stairs, or an ottoman for extra chair and storage— these are just some of the practical space-saving pieces that you can customize. 

4) CONSISTENCY – Working directly with a furniture allows you to meticulously curate your pieces to match the theme or style that you’re trying to achieve. Consistency throughout your whole living space is essential. That’s why it’s important that you only use elements that complement your whole space. Having a cohesive set of custom-made furniture at home will make your space look put-together. This will create harmony throughout your whole living space.

5) SUSTAINABILITY – Having custom-made furniture gives you the full view of how your pieces are made. This gives you the assurance that your furniture is not made from low-grade materials that easily wear down over time. Working side-by-side with the furniture designer allows you to know or even choose what materials will be used for the making of your furniture. Mass-produced furniture may look pretty, but you’ll never know if they’re going to last long. Although it’s true that custom-made furniture is a bit more expensive, it’s actually a good investment for product longevity. It saves you money from having to purchase new furniture every time your store-bought furniture breaks down.

6) ECO-FRIENDLY – Many custom furniture makers are careful that their choice of wood and other materials are environment-friendly. If you’re the type who prefers eco-friendly furniture, you can definitely find a lot of environment-friendly furniture makers. With the rise of green living, they’re not hard to find. Since the pieces are also made just for you, there’s no need to store them. No more wasteful plastic wrapping to prevent the couch from getting dirty when in storage or when displayed in stores.

Your furniture reflects your personality and lifestyle. Why settle for what’s in the market if you can customize your furniture to fit your needs and personality? Yes, it costs slightly more for custom-made furniture than ready-made ones, but it’s guaranteed to be worth it.